Issues - 12 plants all different - plan of attack

Straighten out my head: OK – my first grow is heading toward harvest. The second grow 12 girls are making me crazy. Seems each plant has its own issues. Yellowing leaves, strange leaves, all different growth.

I don’t know the best way to attack each issue. Do I do something 'en mass or treat every plant differently? They all grow in the same environment. Same light, temp, RH, feed and water.

Help – can you hear me slipping down the drain with the runoff?


@GrnyGrows I tried that and it’s hard. It’s hard to grow multiple strains unless you are familiar with each strains process. They all like different things. But it is a great learning experience. I toughed it out and picked the 2 strains I liked best and that were most study thru the process. Good luck you are off to a great start. I learn something each grow.

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@GrnyGrows they all look fairly healthy. The yellowing you are seeing on the plants heavier into flower is pretty normal. They’re just eating a lot so those ones increase your feed a smidgen and the yellowing on the newer growth will darken up again.

As far as the yellowing on the bottom leaves don’t worry about that. Almost every single cultivar I have ever grown will do that in flower. It’s normal as the plant focuses on flower and top growth.

As far as the different leaves those are just your different genetics at play. They all look healthy for the most part and I don’t see any mutations or signs of pathogens so you’re good there.

It also appears that some are thirstier than others. I’d personally quit watering them all at the same time because the thirsty ones are praying but the others are a tad droopy from over watering. Feel each pot and water on an individual basis. Grows like these teach you quick how to water appropriately because you literally have to learn how and when to water each different plant.

With all this said they look pretty healthy and you’re doing fine for a new grower. Especially with trying so many different ones before even getting one cultivar dialed in.

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I’m a nut case, just ask anyone. Lot’s to tackle, but I’m easily bored – so they keep me on my toes. Love all of your suggestions. I’m so glad for the advice on watering – because frankly doing plants as they need it is far easier than 12 all at once.

As always, thank you for the incredible help.

What two strains did you end up picking. I went white widow for stress and my daily migraines. Would like to find two others that I like too. I have numerous seeds in stock – I’ll have decisions to make soon.

@GrnyGrows I like gelato and purple punch. Shorter plants. Around 8weeks and pretty low maintenance. I agree I stock piled seeds so I have options. I am currently 2 weeks in trying blue dream. I’ll let you know how it goes. :smirk:

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Awesome, if I survive this first harvest – I’ll be so excited. Getting from A to Z is something else. The 2nd grow is doing it’s thing and I’m learning to calm down (maybe, right @MDBuds?).

@GrnyGrows staying calm definitely helps you think more clearly but that will come with experience too as you learn what is normal and what is an actual issue that needs to be addressed.

Regardless you’re doing fairly well. You’ll get the hang of it soon and you’ll be growing monsters in no time.

It’s hard to stay calm. I have lost sleep over the first 2 grows just worried I was forgetting something. Did I choose the right nutrients. Am I going to grow great weed. Is it too cold or too hot :fire: :hot_face: Now that I did it…I push it to see what I can and can’t get away with lolol. Went out of town for a weekend my first grow and left my husband in charge. Came back to powdery mildew and thought I was going to cry. Thank God for my local hydro store. They’re a very helpful bunch.

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My problem, I’m not great at “fairly well”. I’m a little to “A” most of the time. You’ve been a great friend.