Isolated small necro spots random flowers

We’re finding random dead spots (chunks, really) of flower that have apparently died fairly rapidly. I’m making that assumption because all of the affected area is in similar (completely dead) condition, with no sign of any stages.
There is also a very sharp line separating the healthy flower from the dead, there seems to be no contagion involved, or it may have been neutralized somehow.
The attached pic is of a Jack Herrer about a week from harvest, but this anomaly has been plaguing us for a couple months now, and on Do-Si-Do’s, Bruce Banner’s, Cali Dream’s, GG#4’s, etc. so I doubt it’s strain specific.
We’ve autopsied a couple of these dead clumps of trichey flower, and found no evidence of insect larvae, boring, eggs, etc.

We’re stumped. Would sure like to fix before spring…

Outdoors? Is guess bid rot. I’ve had those symptoms here late in the season.

Thanks, Bushdoc
I’ll investigate means of heading that off outdoors. Sounds challenging.

I suggested bud rot, I think it’s not. Bud rot is slimy and stinks.

I think it’s a worm. I have the same symptoms, hard dead pieces of bud.

I thought some rot, but then I caught this guy on camera when I was shooting to check trichome condition.

I don’t mind sharing my harvest with nature’s creatures, I’m just going to be careful to trim off these spots at harvest.

If you can get a praying mantis, it will eat these guys.

Hello, Bushdoc

I am much more easygoing about pests during the veg phase. I guess I get an attitude closer to crunch time.
Great tip about the Praying Mantis. Wife and I saw one trophy Mantis sitting on our trash can last week. I could kick myself now.
I don’t mind sharing my bogarting worms with nature’s Praying Mantis’.

Thanks for the wisdom!

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