Is this nutrient burn or what?

PLEASE HELP GUYS. Only 1 of my 3 plants has this issue. All are the same age and at recommended distance from the Vipar-Spectra led (16 inches) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First thought would be an early potassium deficiency. Flush and feed with appropriate nutrients for your growth stage and medium and see how she does. A deficiency can come from either pH being out or over feeding interfering with nutrient uptake . . . or under feeding.

If you are feeding all three on the same nute schedule, I would check the problem lady’s medium for toxicity, and adjust accordingly. Happy growing!

There is also an ok deficiency chart in this link. Deficiencies and excesses in Cannabis- Alchimia Grow Shop Looks like possible n or p deficiency to me, if it isn’t in the soil.

Hey Chuck & Jram, Thank You so much for attempting to educate this 1st time ever grower. All three girls are from seed and same age. About 6 weeks. But as you can see I topped them several times. The very 1st pic is the girl that I trimmed the leaves off. I just bought an agraTronix 4 in 1 Soil Tester and each plant gave a reading of 7,0 High Ph. What I don’t understand is why not 1 reading was 6.9, 7.3 etc… including when I took it outside and tried in non cannabis plants??? The plants to me look ok but I don’t know if the new tester is malfunctioning or not. And please forgive my ignorance but only had 1 batch of notes my friend made up which is now gone and was a Fox Farm product. I need to learn what to feed them and deal with the pH problem. I bought an Organic Soil Acidifier for organic gardening which supposedly lowers soil pH. PLEASE give me some direction. Also Chuck you mentioned a flush. I HAVE watched tons of YouTube vids on cloning which I was successful at and pruning and topping but I have so much to learn. Thanks Guys. I am sure all you OG’s remember when you were learning. Paul

Dude, it’s all good! Every grower had to start at plant one. Def a nitrogen deficiency and what is your watering schedule? Looks like it might be a bit heavy, a good method to try is by picking up your planter when it’s dry and also right after a feeding. Feed the roots plenty in veg, this helps a bunch when you are trying to stack buds. Plenty of vitamins before you flip in to flower helps the transition quicken. Plenty of airflow in that tent if you don’t have an in-line fan hooked through already. Good luck! It’s a blast!

That chart is so helpful Jram. Thanx, Im glad that the cannabis plant is pretty forgiving. What book do you know of that may be helpful to me when it comes to feeding my girls and deals with basics of flushing? I try to water once every 3 days. I have adequate fan intake into the bottom of the tent and also a fan and carbon filter up above the lights for exit. I keep my pad at a constant 73-74 degrees also. Lastly, besides my learning curve and lack of knowledge so far, how did they look to you, (my last pics of the 3 ladies? Thank You 4 your help. It is a freaking blast so far. Peace

There are many book available on Amazon. I recently saw one sponsored by high times that looked pretty good. They look good, I would want them a bit of a darker green, which is why I suggested nitrogen. The problem lady looks a little droopy which is why I asked about watering. Could be a root issue if they remain droopy after a feeding. Are you using calcium and magnesium? Oyster shells are a good way to promote calcium intake and epsom salt works well in small doses for magnesium.
EDIT: (books*)

Jram, that’s hilarious you would mention possibly this book! I think my main problem was a super ROOKIE mistake bro. I was watering from the tap water which is 5.5 pH! (ouch) They aren’t dead yet and I’m using R.O. water now which is at 7.0. I know it’s supposed to be 6.5 now but to get their soil back up from 5.5 which it’s been my go to guy at the shop that sold me a pH tester and TNB up and down (pH) and some epsom salt. Embarrassing to admit but f%[email protected] it’s my 1st grow and I learned a valuable lesson. The girls weren’t able to eat nutrients cuz the pH was wack! The book is an easy read and I’m eating it up Jram. I agree, the super light color I’m hoping will come back as long as I adjust them to 6.5 water. You guys are freaking great and I appreciate each one of you. Oh, a very very small bit of epsom salt turns my 7.0 RO water to 5.0 or 5.5 instantly. ??? Any advice sir?

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Unslulfered blackstrap molasses will raise ph naturally and help beneficial bacteria. Dolomite lime, Baking soda or egg shells can also be used. Happy growing!