Is this look on track

Day 1 Week 5 Bruce Banner auto this look good? How can I make it grow faster


So I was wondering if I raise my SF2000 up will my GDP stretch & get taller? Was 18" I raised to 24".

3 wks into flower.

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Well if thats not a slap in the face. Just a show off. Thats why I normally don’t this stuff you have nerve

@Adcrag 3 weeks since flower flip or 3 weeks since it started developing flowers?

@B.G.1 autos are strange compared to photos in how they grow and root.

The best thing to do for autos to help them grow big fast is to make sure they have a light and airy medium to grow in. They don’t like a lot of hard debris in the way and they like a lot of aeration so their roots can grow. My first auto grow I used a soil I would normally use for photos and their roots did not like it much so this next one I’m adding some more coco coir and less wood mulch.

Another thing is to make sure you’re feeding them at 1/4 strength for your nutrients at first. They can stunt easily with excess nutrients. I learned this the hard way myself.

The final thing is to just be patient with them and don’t fuss with them too much. Aside from basic care let them grow on their own. My little runt critical purple was about that size but then it took off and ended up being my biggest plant.

As long as you’re watering and feeding properly and giving them a lot of light autos pretty much grow themselves.

What light are you using? What is your feeding schedule?

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ok no more fox farm happy frog. It has a lot of mulch. Maybe just what I got. I have 3 auto and I just started 3 photo last week.

@B.G.1 you can still use happy frog. I’d just amend with some coco coir.

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Thanks I’m trying to learn as much as I can to help my Bro with MS GROW

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Good morning & it 3 weeks since light flip.

@Adcrag good morning. So yeah. They barely started stretching yet then. They don’t really stretch until they start getting flowers and then they can stretch vertically for 2 to 3 weeks. GDP is usually a 2 week stretch.

So raising the light will encourage stretching?

@Adcrag yeah it can but with GDP you don’t want it to stretch a lot. It yields better with tighter nodal spacing. The buds get really dense and swell up. If you let it stretch too much you get airy buds that aren’t as frosty. You want GDP to be stout and bushy.

Ok, so is 24" to high? Got SF-2000 set on 100%.

Enjoy your day & :coffee:

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@Adcrag yeah I’d lower it to 18-20 inches above the canopy. Start at 20 and let the plant adjust then go to 18.