Is This Lady a Runt?

First let me say how happy I am that a forum like this exists!! THANK YOU!!
I am a new grower—this is my third grow and I still have sooo much to learn! I’m currently running 4 Jack Herer Autoflowers (I got the seeds from Homegrown) and one of the ladies has not stretched at all. Keeping in mind this is an autoflower—did I do something wrong or is this what the community considers a “runt”? Today is day 33 from seed. What should I do?

I’m looking forward to receiving your thoughts and advice!!


I think she looks great. Nice and bushy. She may surprise you how good she does. Lots of buds good job I say.

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Thanks so much! I’m trying!

It’s just about on track with the slower sister among the pair I have growing. By 35 days from sprout, one was stretching noticeably, the other was a lush, bushy specimen like yours. Give it another week, it’s likely a distinct cola will have sprouted above the canopy by then, and she will take on that gangly, adolescent look.

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Appreciate it @Northcountryguy!! This is my first Jack Herer Auto grow…I need to practice patience!! Thanks for the advice!

Oh, don’t worry. In time you will, like the rest of us, misread about every possible condition they can have, often when the trouble is little to nothing. You’ll drown em, dehydrate em, over feed and starve, sunburn and keep them in the dark too long. You’ll get decent harvests and those you wish were better. And through it all, if only ya had a jar or two put back, you’d be able to relax and enjoy the grow as much as you enjoy burning it down.