Is this an issue?

Ok so this morning while misting i noticed some purpling on some leaves on my BBxC gurls. Is this normal or some issue… Im at 42 days flower and started h2o only last week. Smells have changed to more fruity as well. Harleys have only slight yellowing on some leaves… No purple though.


@Kojak purple is good!!!


Those are beautiful :heart:, good job. I am a beginner too. I hope I can get that kind of result on my next grow.


Usually with plants color change occurs at lower temps unless it is genetics


If you change your water temp can bring out purple

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I know the hint of purple makes for some pretty flowers. Thought maybe it was from the light cycle changes…I’ve been trying to mimic fall the best I can… 55-60° and about 55% Rh during dark and about 70° and 60% during the light. 10/14 is their cycle now…They get “dew” after about an hour or so of dark. I’ve never checked my water temps but guess I could… was going to start ice chips in their pre dawn time at 7wks. Getting exciting now!

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@Kojak then you are making them colors come out nicely done beautiful plants

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one of the prettiest i can get to… :relaxed:


I think you are too high on th rh for flower… I like to start pushing mine closer to 45% by the 2nd or 3rd week of flower

Also, would never let dew accumulate on my flowers… might want to increase your air exchange at dark and increase air movement.

60% with big buds on the vine is risking mold/rot.

At 45% in an oversized 2x4 that I generally run 1-2 oscillating fans and three overhead along with whatever centrifugal fan is available.

Ooh man looks like ganetics my freind u should feel proud that lady she’s gorgeous so hard to get a purple pheno

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My room is 10x8x8…that grow was 9 plants 5’ tall…:joy: I misted them every “dawn”, it wasnt accumulated. That grow turned out decent but this second is way stronger & i did alot less this time except tieing the tops down more.

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You have pictures would help

Gorgeous my friend those colors :heart_eyes: