Is this a nitrogen deficiency?

Noticed green leaves on top. Yellow leaves towards the bottom…so I’m thinking mobile nutrient deficiency. The plant is at the beginning of the veg state. So I’m thinking this is a Nitrogen deficiency? Advice needed and appreciated!

rare to get N deficiency at such an early stage…but it happens
what is the soil you use and are you feeding or just watering?
It is NORMAL for lower leaves, especially on young plants, to yellow. Keep your eyes on the tops / new growth…

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Thank you Mike. I am using Nature’s Living Soil. My goal is to grow indoors in soil. As a noob, my challenges so far are:

  • feeling comfortable the soil “recipe” is right to maintain a healthy grow.
  • lack of understanding how to best fix deficiencies in soil (since I don’t want to use synthetics. I guess this means making teas?).

I am feeding just water using a Blumat plug](Blumat watering systems - Blumat) - which so far seems to help me not overwater!

NOTE: I am also noticing some brown splotches

the splotches look like calcium issue
your soil is a very good soil. be careful to not overfeed as the soil can pretty much feed the plant without any help. If an auto, nothing needed until way into flower. If photo period…you should be able to get through vegging.
DO you add anything, like cal/mag? Or other nutes (you can lock out calcium if you are not careful in what you feed them)

Thanks @Mrb53004 . Hmmm…reading the article that contains the image you included: First signs of calcium deficiency will be seen in newest growth What I am seeing is spotting on the lower growth. The upper leaves look great. So…not sure about CA deficiency…

Note: Also, I gave the plant a about 2 droppers of fish emulsion diluted in 16 oz RO…the lower leaves started turning back to green That seems to be a good thing (although I’ll stop at this point…No need for me to smother the plant!)

Again, Thank you.

Here is a similar of my GDP/GG4…same yellow lower leaves…

calcium…toddlers do not usually need calcium unless planted in coco/peat heavy substrate. There is no calcium in those mediums…why cal/mag is such an important product for substrates of that making. By the way, TAP water has a LOT of calcium…just gotta watch the Ph levels…if you add nutes, then the ppm changes so just water with de-chlorinated (1 day old) tap water in the 6-7 range