Is this a male or female?

I started a few plants for my first time ever and i dont know much about the grow process so i need help please. Can anyone tell me if this plant is a male or is this the start of the flower stage?

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Looks like you have a male there

That sucks. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

@Wyldstyl38 my plant was a male too. The plant was beautiful & green. Hope he didn’t pollinate my Frankenstein Auto.

Happy growing with your other girls!!

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yup its a male, sorry, you should get it out of your grow area b4 it pollinates your girls…

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Agreed it’s a boy! You can pollinate if you want.

No pollinating for me. I’m through. I threw that boy in a garbage bag and out he went. Watching my other plant


Does anyone know if the male plants are still smokable? Ive put alot of time into 2 plants and 1 is a male but i kinda wanna save it for some seeds,Its a really good strain.

Back in the day, my friends and I used to smoke leaf if we could get our hands on it. Never got much more than a headache.

There’s probably not much available as far as medicine…. But, that does look like a nice vigorous plant.

Maybe you’re a breeder now :wink: who knows.

I am very new to this, also.

Can someone verify my pride and joy? I am not sure I know the difference.


Yep @SlingShot , it’s a girl! Way to tell is to look at the crotch - if you see balls, it’s a boy. If you only see hairs it’s a girl.


kinky but informative. :stuck_out_tongue:

That first picture is surly a male is that a photo period or auto?

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You’re the proud papa of a beautiful GIRL!! Happy growing & keep us posted

They are smokable, sure. Get high? Probably not.

Yes that looks like a male for sure.

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Hey, Male Plants are people too.

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How do u tell if its a Trans Girl ?

Like a Herman? Well, some parts of they/them will appear to be female, but if you look carefully you will also find parts that are distinctly male - ie balls or nanners.

Feminized seeds are all somewhat “on the spectrum”. They are a product of a girl having sex with another girl who had a sex change. The chromosomes end up X-X-Y, so there’s always that chance where if she gets too stressed, she might decide to strap on a pollen sac and spread their biology all over the place.


:v::relaxed: here’s a Hermie that’s now re-vegged and in a brood tent for clones


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