Is this a male or female

Is this male? I’m like 95% sure it is but I hate to cut it down after all that work and realize it was a female. :sob:


I cut it down I’m sure it is


Sometimes ya just don’t want it to be so.

Its a boy! :woozy_face: sorry to say

That’s alright I have 2 more growing there not showing anything that I can see yet so hopefully there female :crossed_fingers:

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You can always swap it into a different tent and grow it out for pollen or use it to pollinate future prospects, I would personally use it for pollen since it’s already producing sacks. If not mulch it into your grow if your working with soil :slight_smile:

Happy growing!

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I plan on letting it die then I’m adding it to my compost cuz I have a 5 gallon compost so I don’t want pollen flying everywhere :joy:

I can’t tell with this one

A few more pics will help. It has female hairs and possibly some balls but uncertain. More pics may help. I always buy feminised. Is there an advantage with regular seeds? I don’t see the point myself. I have never had to deal with sexing

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To be honest before I realized the importance of genetics I just bought some cheap seed on eBay that claim to be Bruce banner and something else I’m honestly just growing with the cheapest stuff possible just so I can get a hang of it before I start spending a lot and I will send more pics tomorrow hopefully it shows a little more by then thank you everyone for the help so far

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I still can’t see properly but if you look at the node where the stalk and stem meet there should be like a hair on either side. This is female. On a male in the same place there would be like a pod of sorts. Best thing is to send it to flower. That’s the best way. Then either leave it to finish or put itback under 18 hours of light and it will reveg and monster crop (will grow bushy and strange but with elevated yields)

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Check at the 5th node :eyes: is what i was told. Bro Science :yin_yang::dart:

Pretty sure this one’s a male to 2/3 so far

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I can’t tell with this one still starting to think all 3 were male :sob::sob::sob:

This one is at best a hermie.
Defo has balls

100% boy I’ll ditch it if I was you not worth it since you just starting to grow cheap seeds from e bay you said good luck man

Get that nasty dude away from the ladies!

Looks like BOYS…Since you are growing to simply “learn the hang of stuff”. Dump them, ASAP. Before you get females you paid bookoo bucks for and they get contaminated by unknown pollen 6 months later. Cheap seeds are GREAT for learning. Do NOT compost males back in, bag them chunk them (or compost them BEFORE they open up and pollinate)… Just some GRANDMA science :wink: IF possible, always learn with LADIES, that way you can SCROG, SOG, Bend, twist amd LST to your hearts content! :smiley: Peace.

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This is my last plant I have I think it might be a hermi cuz I can see pistils on top but ball further down how do I deal with that cuz at this point I might as well try and salvage what I can and learn how to deal with them? Or should I just cut my losses and start over?

![image|375x500] (upload://mpADAuWuIEWN0zEFYNsm4BEtiIY.jpeg)