Is this a deficiency?

I started top dressing dry amendments this week but I’m afraid I may be a week late. I believe I’m seeing a possible magnesium deficiency in the top leaves but can’t tell if this is a deficiency or just from quick growth. If it is a deficiency, what would be a good way to get my plant some magnesium organically and quickly?

Deelite Auto Week 5

Soil: Fox farms ocean forest

Nutrients: Dr. Earth’s 444 all purpose, Dr Earth’s metabolic transformer.

Lights: Mars Hydro TS1000


relax she looks good…


New growth @retiredoldguy right on money your plants looks good


Looks good. Normal for this stage. You are good


@TheAlchemistsPot they look nice and healthy. Nothing to worry about. Just a slight iron deficiency but that top dressing you added will fix it before it causes any issue. Caught it early enough nothing will stunt.

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Looks.healthy as can be