Is that what week 5 look like

I have these strawberry cough and I’m in week 5 photo. Are these on the right track, I thought it be more plumpness just seems off to me


Yeah look like something was going on there. Initially I would think nutrient burn by the brown tips hooking down. May have some nutrient lock out now as the outer edges look like they are going now. Although many plants start their fade in week 5… doesn’t look like what’s happening here.

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How would I fix that issue

In an organic grow, I would make a compost tea and take the plant outside and drench it. Wait for her to start to dry out (2-3days) and see what she looks like. Then I would feed her a bit heavier on the PK to make sure that is not phosphorus deficiency… She should pack on size weeks 5-7 if she’s healthy. After week 7 pretty much only water, kelp and molasses.

With synthetic nutes it depends on what you’re giving her. You may need to just increase the PK but start by checking PH of the soil or runoff if you can. A few of the newer leaves are growing a bit wonky so PH could be issue in a non-organic grow.

My compost tea would consist of 5ml/gal kelp, 1tbsp/gal molasses, 1/4 cup/gal organic worm castings all aerated for 24-36hrs.

I’m using the trio of fox farms nutes I discovered the beginning of the week that when I watered it wasn’t reaching all the way down so up top it has correct ph down below its really low, but for seem reason it’s still growing but to me very slow. Only change is the leafs which I thought was nutrient burn but I think my soil has different ph levels down below. I do have a soil tester

PH would make sense if nutrient lock out which is why leaves are showing possible signs of phosphorus deficiency.

Yeah I put the soil tester way down to the bottom it didn’t even have a reading it was so low. I might have made it worse I’m a first grower so I made another batch of notes and made sure plant had run off this time. Since the plants are still budding do I still flush with the fox farm sledgehammer or should I just let them dry out, I don’t want to take from them and they seem to be striving it’s just certain leaves dropping or getting the brown streaks

Phosphorus and/or calcium deficiencies are not going to turn green again but if most the leaf is healthy I would leave them. With non-organic grows, I think you want to water with about 10% runoff every time… Make sure the roots on the bottom are being fed. I wouldn’t do the the sledgehammer. I would just water wet to dry with run off in the future. Would definitely feed cal/mag and increase the PK ratio on the next feed.

Regarding keeping the leaves… I would remove the worst looking ones working from bottom to top. Leave any leaves receiving lots of light. The older leaves on bottom are just sucking energy by mid flower as they are not getting enough light anyways.

I just feed them a day ago so should I let them completely dry out then give them that last feed for week 6 before plain water?

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Yes, if you just fed them a day ago give them time before dumping more on them. Just increase that p/K ratio on the next and make sure they are getting cal/mag at least every other water until week 7 flower. When the leaves start looking like that on the edges too I usually look to phosphorus.

Got it, it’s wild because they still are stacking up and buding and just the top leaves are starting to look like that below everything is green it’s wierd, I’m ready for my next grow lol I learned a lot during this grow my plant is like 4 feet tall that was another mistake made because I had to buy another tent to support the height. I will get it on my next one when I try some autos.

Yes, that’s great. The leaves are great indicators… Any deficiencies will show up there first and give you an opportunity to correct the problem before it becomes a problem.

Yeah so I will let them dry out and give the. There last feed Sunday and flush with water week 7 thanks for the advise