Is she ok, I see yellow!

Hi all, this is my auto White widow, sprouted 9/15 in 3 gal pot, 18/6 - 24"above canopy.

I over watered Wednesday. she bounced back. Saw her lead today. No other spots seen.

Thoughts?? Thanks

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That looks like light burn to me. Like you got some leaves wet when watering and the plant burned under the light.

Doesn’t quite look like a nutrient deficiency to me yet but I’d keep an eye on it just in case.

Also, it’s pretty normal on autos for older leaves to start to yellow and die off as they start to flower so there’s a good chance your lady is becoming a woman too.

@MDBuds thanks. Here’s a couple of the bud hairs are starting to look a lil white.
I let her dry quite a bit after overwatering. She was ready for a drink lol.

Less than hour later, her leaves are up. Amazing

Have a good day


Yeah she’s definitely in full bloom and flower now. In just a few weeks you’ll have some tasty white widow buds ready to smoke.

She’s looking pretty healthy and should give you a decent yield.

Happy growing. :v::call_me_hand:

Glad to know she’s flowering!! How will I know when I will need to flush before harvest. She’s 41 days old.


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White widow auto is 10-12 weeks so around week 8 I’d start watching the pistils and trichomes. Once about 90% of the trichomes are milky white and most of the pistils are amber I’d start just giving water and harvest about two weeks later.

Ok. I’m sure I’ll be keeping everyone posted!!

Your knowledge is great, I really appreciate ya​:clap::clap:

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Always do a soil slurry to see where ph and ppm is at,best way to know what’s really going on. You have to wait till top couple inches of soil is near dry though before you test