Is it ok to use Nutes, fish caca, molasses, and silica at same time?

So I can’t get my run off above 5.5 my research tells me it needs to be between 6-7 for northern lights so the plant can use all Nutes properly…… I just did a flush the ph of the water was at 7.2 it went up from 5 to 5.5. Just fed it with organic Nutes and fish caca and still seeing some kind of nute burn or deficiency not sure as I’m a first timer. I just bought silica gold to add and some unsulphured organic black molasses trying to give them everything they need. I have only been using the organic Nutes from homegrown along with fish caca :), so my question is….”is it too much to feed them all this at once (Nutes, fish caca, molasses, and silica gold)” I don’t want to do more harm then good… if I should not even bother with silica and molasses then my bad for wasting money but I’m just trying to have some bomb stuff. Please help thank you

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I would say no, not all at the same time.

From personal experience, most fertilizers, fish emulsion, and molasses are acidic which means they will lower the PH of the water and in turn the soil. Try adding all that to 1 gal of water and test the PH of the water.

You say you did a flush with 7.2 but what have you been watering regularly with?

I have hard alkaline water from the tap where I live. I use living soil so no nutrients, but I do feed the microbes with kelp and molasses every few weeks and humic acid every few weeks. I have learned how much I can add based on my water’s natural PH to bring it in range without having to use PH up or down.
For regular watering, I alternate between lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, or whatever acidic fruit I may have available. V8 juice works in a pinch (low sodium) to bring the PH down. I PH test all my water first before watering.

I typically don’t worry about what comes OUT unless I see an issue with new growth.
I focus on what goes IN… less is more!

Your plant looks like it’s dropping, possibly over-watered. I like to see the leaves praying up to the light. That’s when you know they are happy.

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What growing media/method are you using? Soil, supersoil, coco , hydro,etc.? How old is the plant?

Looks like a problem I had. I found my PH meter was bad. I was 2.0 which is a ton of acid. ???

@Hopethisgoeswell420 I grow in soil which tends to buffer ph. I pay more attention to the ph of the liquid that goes into the soil. My soil ph tester is cheap so I don’t have a lot of faith in it. My ph pen that I use for liquid can be calibrated, though, and I trust it.
I normally only use phed water until flower, then I may add some topsoil amendments. Otherwise, I use Flower Fuel with my watering.
Good luck and don’t over water.

I have an oakton ph reader calibrated it 1.5 weeks ago it was brand new when I first started growing so I feel it is in good shape? The plants are about 10 weeks old…I only use bottled water from sams to flush and feed, I have been feeding with only fish poo and organic Nutes from homegrown I just ordered the molasses and gold silicon trying to help them they arrive tomorrow but I don’t know if it’s ok to feed them all at once maybe I can but maybe not at full strength ? I don’t know….or should I maybe use 2 then next feeding use the other 2 Idunno?! These pics were right after I flushed and I flushed with 3 gallons bc I read I was supposed to flush with 3 times the amount I regularly water. Again I’m new to this so I have no idea if I am doing it right, and I am using happy frog potting soil here is my other plant I feel she is doing better but doing same routine as other so again Idunno! Oh I try to keep the PH around 6-6.5 I change it up every feeding so they dont get use to it but try to maintain it in that area and heat is between
70-82 degrees humidity between 40-52%image|375x500

FWIW (I’m on my first and 2nd grow too) I use FOOP nutes and when mixed to schedule it includes everything you mentioned. I add the 3 different parts to one gallon of pHd water. The ‘sweetner’ part includes molasses, honey, date syrup, coconut sugar, sorghum, Yaron and agave nectar. I add progressive amounts during each week of Veg and Bloom but it all goes in. FOOP stands for Fish Poop if you didn’t gather that.

Regardless my plants love it.

Thank you to all I just tried all 3 will wait to give the salica next watering I don’t want to do 4 all at once thinking that’s too much…