Is it doing ok?

Im afraid it aint! Can you post more info? Like what kinda soil,nutrients etc. etc. ?

Mother Earth soil
I was

Is that a clone my friend

I’ve been feeding with these nutrients but as I was watering every 2-3 I used to feed it as well but someone told me feed it once a week and water it 2-3 days so I started doing that and removed some leaves so was hoping it would be ok.

So I won’t be feeding it until Sunday.

Nah I had got some strawberry cough seeds from this homegrown site.

What size pot is that

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It is in a 1.5 gallon pot. I just transplanted it Sunday from the baby pots to that 1.5 gallon.

If you just transplant give it time

I’m not familiar with that soil but i would never give a plant that young nutrients unless the soil was completely baren of all amendments.

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That’s what it looked like after I transplanted

Yea i give another week or two get straight. And me myself don’t feed but ever two weeks

Yeah I messed up thinking water is feeding so I was giving nutrients all the time before I transplanted. Now this Sunday would bemy 7 days and was thinking it would be time to feed it. It’s my 1st time growing and I know I have lots to learn. That’s why I’m here I want to make sure it survives.

Not sure about your soil does it feed

I would wait til they get settled into the new pot

Meaning settled into the pot so should I feed it 2 weeks and just keep watering it with my water at my 6.0-6.5 every 2 days?

Yes if you have any liquid kelp 1tsp to gallon airated spray lights off