Is everyone good and no deficiency

Does anyone have any problems
does anyone need any help with there grows my grow is doing well


Reed @Daddy1971 my friend, I’ve got 99 problems, but plants aren’t one. They seem like my only escape from the rest of all the BS in my daily grind.

I’m going to top dress with some of this insect frass tonight to see if I can increase trike production on the diesel.

In the background there is a Carolina reaper out of the garden that I’m “re-vegging”.


It’s looking good I’ve never grown them before i have 4 clippings im cloning there about 2 day’s old


Iv got something going on with my.young plant I believe the pH is fluctuating in.the, I’m hoping to correct the.problem. before gets to.bad.

these are peppers not bud