Is 90⁰ 75% humidity too hot to flower?

Here’s an updated picture of my grow, all organic, running blue dream and skunk#1 fem
Are my Temps and humidity too high to flower?

Also any ideas why the one in the very front looks wilted?

Yes the humidity & temp need to come down. Chances of bud rot are high the deeper you get into flower you ned 40-50%

As long as you have good air circulation you should be ok…but bud rot may still be an issue. I actually run my tents at upwards of 90 degrees and 70 plus humidity but if you don’t have great air exchange and circulation you are guaranteed bud rot.

Also, your lights might be too far away because your plants are really stretched out. Could just be genetics though.

Also, one last thing, remember these plants are grown all over the world. If you are having trouble growing in your climate, look for cultivars that thrive in said climate. If you really want to know you should probably raise your humidity a bit in 90 to 80 percent humidity if you are truly chasing VPD. Just look at a VPD chart and it will let you know where you should aim if you care. But if the people you bought the seeds from didn’t properly breed the seeds and gave you an f1 or s1 or even a f4 or s4, or maybe they not only didn’t breed them long enough, they didn’t stress test them before selling. Most of the issues home growers are dealing with is shitty genetics that are pushed out for the bottom line of the businesses that sell them. So it doesn’t matter if you have all your stuff dialed in, if you are buying shitty genetics then it will always be the same outcome and you will always be wondering. GENETICS MATTER!!!