Is 1200w of light too muc

I have a 1 m square × 2 m high tent and am lighting it with a 600w hps red spectrum and a 600w metal halide is this too much light for the space I haven’t had any nanners or burn I have digital balasts so could turn them down if needed at the moment they are both on 660w thanks

How are your temperatures running?

That has to be hot in there I use a 600 W high-pressure sodium in one of my tents I couldn’t imagine it getting hotter in there I almost have to use an air conditioner just control the heat Most definitely will have to use one during the summer I think the 600 W high-pressure sodium depending on the angle of the shield should cover it very very well As I notice mine would cover a 5 x 5 area easily

I believe the metal halide is for veg. and the high-pressure sodium is for flowering no need to use them both at the same time neither at least I believe that’s what I was taught correct me if I’m wrong because high-pressure sodium is still fairly new to me

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There’s a few MH bulbs that have enough red you don’t switch. But overall puffdog is right about switch between veg and flower.

Even if you are staying cool, by summer you will have to work hard to keep it under 90. That’s when the plants slow down growth and just transpire to keep cool. You may want to only run 1 light at a time when it gets warmer. Cooler temps would be better than more light in a 1m tent. And you don’t want a fire.:fire::fire:

Even if your lights are pretty new you may want to ask for LEDs next Christmas. Or save 20$ a month in a jar. I think most everyone is moving that way (led). I have not blown the dust off my old halide and sodium HID setups for a few years now. They will probably end up at the goodwill or a yard sale some day…


I use the 1200watt 3 lights 400watts each i love them

I have both lights in cooltube’s so temps is a steady 29-30 c


Well then you have it covered. I am glad you are not too hot.

I have a viparspectra led that I use for germination and veg I use hps as if I was just useing leds id have to use heaters

My high-pressure sodium is a cool tube also. I ran it at 600 W for a while now I just keep it at 400 Doesn’t seem to be much of a difference and still covers the same area due to the angle of the reflector but I guess I will find out overtime for I am still new to this one one

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I use a 2000 watt wills cree cob led in other tent And during later stage will add in a 500 W Cree cob also

I’m just like you I wanted to give them the most of everything I still fight myself about putting the other 2000 W in with the 2000 w I already have going It only pulls 400 from the wall but they all add up That’s why I add the little 500 W in there just to help cover a little bit of untouched area And that one only pulls 100 w from the wall And if you seen my line of nutes you would know what I’m talking about As far as too much

I recycle the exhausted hot air into my flat I haven’t had to turn my central heating on now for nearly two years


Thats a lot of joules for so little space. If you can keep the temps controlled just remember, they need CO2 and food commensurate with the photo period, light intensity and such. The light is what drives all else. If you are going to push your plants like top athletes, you got to feed them and support their respiration. Just like athletes.