Introducing myself 😇

Hi all! I’m new to this forum and I’d like to introduce myself! First off… I like to call myself “The Medical Intern”. I have 4 years experience, and I am just now beginning to grow hydro this year. I’ve learned all the basics and have close to perfected hydro growing in my own homemade medium/way. I just use the tops off of bottles and fill with soil, plant the seed/clone, and it sprouts then grows down into the water. Then i top from the 3rd node and mainline for 2 months then flip…Unless it’s an auto. With autos I LST the main stem as low as I can go and tie down all side branches as they grow out as low as I can get them, so that the plant ends up wide and even with buds shooting up all around from the middle and throughout around the main tops. After flowering hits, i lollipop and defoliate all leaves blocking light to any bud sites. I am only growing to learn and get practice for my dream career as a medical farmer, as after getting into a car accident and shattering my back in two places, I was offered pharmaceuticals for my back pain and hated it as my accident was caused by going out of my usual way of medicating for anxiety, and took 5mg because I didn’t have any experience with it before. I was driving and blacked out so smashed a gaurd rail then spun into a concrete wall sideways at 45 mph, and even worse… hit on the drivers side. So I learned my lesson with pharmaceuticals and began also medicating with a strain bred for back pain. It worked phenomenally, so I believe that cannabis is on our planet to battle pharmaceuticals until the gov’t realizes its true potential. while at the same time, not causing any damage to the liver. Cannabis in my opinion is a natural medicine that can help to cure anything by easing pain, while your Body fights off the illness on its own! No need to fill your body with man made chemicals, when we have been gifted by nature! Nature knows best and we came from it, so why wouldn’t we take what we’re given, and use it for what it’s here for!??