Interesting genetics

This is a strawberry cough at 5 months old…this is a double bud? Has any one seen this before?

Another question…these are Gorilla Glue #4 planted at the same time, same soil, etc. Has anyone come across such a difference is growth cycle?

It seems this morning I am full of questions LOL…

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I think maybe you got this seed from me? I got them from HGC…All, and I mean all…over 24 seeds, have been very poor genetically. My success rate is around 10% and those that survive have been SMALL, stunted. In the new batch I am sending are MY gg4 seeds, please compare growth and possible keep little journal comparing my seeds to HGC


Good morning Mike! The GG#4 are from you. Holy crap! 10% success rate? Don’t they have a guarantee on their seeds? You know what you are doing…not a newbie like me. The Strawberry Cough seeds I got from HGC. One is doing excellent! The leaves are turning an awesome shade of fall (red) and the plant is very healthy. Two other two are doing well, but not quite the same. However in my case, it could be from something I’ve done. I will keep track of the growth rate, these two are going to be interesting :slight_smile:

Do you have any strawberry cough seeds to spare?

Mike, I just checked and I have 3 seeds left. If you don’t mind, I would like to keep one, but would love to send you the other two.

two is one more than enough…hold off a while as I have a full tent and I do not want you spending $$$ to send a pair of seeds. You can use one of the bags I am sending you


Mike, I will wait to use one of the bags you are sending, but as soon as I receive it I will return it with 2 SC seeds. Then you will have them whenever you are ready. Thank you :slight_smile:


Mike, I also have 4 Gelato that I got from HGC …would you care for any of them? Those are the only other seeds I have other then what you have shared.

Thank you Kris but I have PLENTY GELATO…an all-time favorite to grow,easy and good quality

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To many hormones in the mix. OR I would lean to auto’s stressed tfo