Infusion MCT oil

What and how is the best cleanest purest most effective way to infuse this with fresh trim?!

Will drying and curing affect infusion or lose potency ? Will it affect the taste and Terps if you don’t dry and cure to avoid hay taste or smell ??


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Hi @Sirdabzalot I am currently experimenting with the LEVO product. I have done a MCT oil and Green Dragon tincture in it. Yes, I believe what you do to your flower before you decarb is just as important as if you were going to smoke it…I have heard of people using parts of the plant without curing so lets see if they chime in.

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@Sirdabzalot drying or curing before decarb and infusion is the most common method.

If you’d like to take advantage of all of the terpenes and medicinal compounds in the plant though a fresh flower infusion is best and then you just decarb the infusion in a decarb chamber.

The reason the flower is generally dried first is because many people don’t want the chlorophyll or extra water content in their final product. From a medicinal standpoint having that chlorophyll in there along with all of the possible anthocyanins and increased terpene levels is beneficial though as chlorophyll does have medicinal benefits especially when combined with anthocyanins and the proper terpenes.


How do you decarb the infusion?


@LilMic you heat it in a decarb chamber. They sell decarb chambers in different sizes. They’re useful to own to decarb rosin or oils after making live rosin or feco without decarb.

You can also use them to infuse and decarb at the same time.

You just put the rosin or oil in the decarb chamber and heat on a heated rosin press or in an oven.

The best ones for home use in the kitchen are often called decarboxylation boxes or decarb boxes and they are usually made with glass or silicon.

I’ll share some of the less expensive ones you can find on Amazon with you here.

Decarboxylator Box, Silicone Baking Kit to Decarb Herbs & Infuse into Butter, Oils, & Tinctures, Edibox

Decarb Kit - Glass Box Decarboxylator to Make Edibles, Butter & Tincture

The smaller metal ones you can find are designed specifically for use with rosin presses but these ones are designed to work with ovens.

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