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When starting to grow your seeds do you leave light on all the time


I leave the lights on 18 hours off for 6 from the start but there are people on here with a lot more knowledge and experience than myself so wait and see what else you get for answers


@dmtscravey is spot on. You can start seeds with lights on as long as you have about 1/8th inch of soil covering them so the light doesn’t damage them before they sprout.

Also, if starting seeds under a light you want to set the height so that you have between 200 and 400 ppfd at the top soil so that they get enough light to grow. Not too little and not to much. Don’t want them to stretch too much after sprouting and you don’t want to burn them with the light.

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Whats the problem here? Its becoming brittle

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That looks like a combination of light burn and iron deficiency.

Makes sense bcuz I noticed my GG4 buds were getting a little burn at the top but luckily its ready to dry. I’ve since moved my light up some. I can understand the iron deficiency, probably bcuz i didn’t feed it much in its early stages, its only about three weeks old. Whats a good height for my lights during early vegetation?

Whats a good technique for hanging n drying your plants?

During early veg you want around 500 ppfd at the canopy so hang the lights at whatever distance gives you that based on the manufacturer data.

As far as hanging and drying I just hang in my grow tent with a small fan under them. If I’m running a perpetual grow I just make a drying box and put a small 4 to 6 inch fan under them just to circulate air and prevent mold.

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Looks like I’m gonna have to buy a ppfd meter, lol.

What light are you using? I can help there. A ppfd meter isn’t necessary because there are ways to convert and manufacturers should have par and ppfd measurements with their lights.

I have a Mars hydro ts3000

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That ts3000 will be fine for veg at 24 inches and flower will be good 18-20 inches at 75%. If you want to just adjust using the dimmer just leave it at 24 inches and start at 50% for seedlings and early veg, 75% for veg, and 100% for flower.