Info about nutritions

Ok I just bought the fox farm nutrients for my plant…wondering if anyone has used them n if so how did you use them…please help

Did you get the Trio? Is it hydro or soil? There are specifics to each grow

What are you growing in? When did you start / how old are your plants and what have you been feeding them up till now

Have not used these specifically but I use Gen Hydro which has the 3 bottle concept. As most will say start with half of what is recommended on the bottles. I was stubborn and did not follow that advice on my first grow with DWC and my plants did get a bit burned and stunted growth

This is why I asked what Michele is growing in. Each grow medium has different requirements and methodologies. We are always reminded to UNDER FEED whatever they say and I see this across all brands. That confuses me since almost every manufacturer says the same thing. If that is the case, they should lower the dosing specifications. This is where experience comes in to play, Tds meters, Ph meters, temps, Rh., aeration ((funny how you spell air but aerate) see what Mj does to your brain? :crazy_face:). We have to have a starting point and that differs from grower to grower, environment to environment.


I’d say the whole thing is if they lowered the dosing you don’t buy as many bottles in the life of a plant and their top dollar goes down. Those are the people who rob you who don’t wear a mask normally


That was funny…real funny. There is always someone trying to get over on you