Indoor yield per plant

Why is it they can tell you how much yield “per plant” outdoor, but have to reference “m/2”. How much is a meter squared? Can anyone tell me approx what I should yield per plant growing GG4 autoflower?

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They’re talking about canopy area. An area measuring 1 meter long by 1 meter wide measures 1 square meter in area. You have to express the units that way because you’re multiplying meters times meters.

You won’t get anywhere close to those numbers. Most people are limited by the power of their light vs canopy area. Get a light that powerful (you’ll want to measure) and you’ll be limited by CO2 level.

But, it doesn’t matter anyway. Growing weed is fun. You’ll probably start growing some more anyway right after you harvest this batch.


@jeff4498 as @CurrDogg420 stated a lot of it depends on your light.

As far as the m2 terminology he was spot on.

The yield will also be affected by whether or not you are growing sog or scrog or just a few plants.

You can estimate though how much you might get per plant but I would need to know your light and tent info as well as your feeding schedules.

The largest factor though will be your environment including the light. Temp, rh, lighting, air flow, etc… gotta dial in your environment for big yields. Even a small light can grow a big plant with the proper environment.

My last big auto grow I did in a 3x3 tent with a 200 watt light and got just over the base estimated yield per meter squared in sog. I can only imagine the yield I would have gotten had I used my 400 watt light instead of my 200 but I had my 400 in the 4x4 with my breeders making babies.



What are you breeding.? I am very curious.


@Noddykitty the last grow I crossed agent orange with white widow, gold leaf, and Hawaii X purple skunk. I crossed white widow with agent orange, gold leaf, and Hawaii x purple skunk. I also crossed Hawaii X purple skunk with gold leaf.

I also bx some red poison auto for more seeds so I could continue a breeding project with it that I am working on with a friend.

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@Noddykitty I’m going to work all of those in to other breeding projects I’ve been working on for a few years.

I also have a breeding project coming with the grow I just started as well.

Dialing in one of my strains designed with chemo treatment in mind with high valencene and high cbd/thc and dialing in another one I bred for ptsd/anxiety disorders.

Also finally have enough cbd cultivars to finish working on the cultivar I started for lupus.