Indoor to outdoor grow fast

Both plants are GSC from same seed packet… And both germinated at same time…I put the big plant outside at 2 weeks old…The smaller plant I left in tent for 8 weeks…Light sch 19on-5off…When she went outside the light cycle was shorter and she started to flower…The plants are now 15 weeks from seed…I unintentionally forced her to flower; Thinking I’d just get a bigger plant…
I have a Thai plant which is growing in the tent at present…She’s got 6 weeks growth…My throw-away-mind is thinking that I can veg her for 3 months, then put outside for flower…Since It will be September, I’m hoping by November she will be ready to pluck…I am really excited about this Thai plant…"Crossing my fingers no early freeze…"I do not want to screw this one up…SO, I can use all the tips you master growers have !!! I have less than a year experience with LEDs…I’ve used T5s with sog in the past…Hate T5s and love LEDs…More freedom to try different things…


Nice looking girls! Were they auto, or photo?

Outdoor, they may start flowering before the days get to 12/12. The sooner they start, the better chance you have to finish before the frost. If it was me, I’d move it now, and make room inside for the next run.

I just had a visit with one of my girls who went to live with another family. Her sisters were going to start flowering in my tent but she got kicked out cause there wasn’t enough room and she was the runt. She “bolted” just this week I guess, and looked to me like she was about 2 days from showing.

Summertime photos they are.