Indoor flower Room is leaking

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Question… I have a sealed 14x8x8 flower room, that’s in a big shop outside and the outside air 28° to 42°. The problem is the flower room is all Insulated but the roof inside the room is leaking!! I can tell its consequences I could tell it’s condensation but I don’t know how to fix it.
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If you’re just wanting to fix the condensation problem add moving air to the room condensation won’t normally form when the air is moving in a continual motion. If that’s what you’re looking to fix. Other than that insulation and fixing the roof is the answer. And I’m not sure how to do that because I don’t know the medium that the rooms built out of. Hope that helps a little bit. Happy growing

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There is energy release between the temperature differences that causes condensation. Hot and cold make sweat. You need a barrier. like air. Insulated windows have 2 layers. The air trapped in-between outside and inside stops the condensation for forming on both sides. Think about bubble pack or that mylar insulation
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I kinda do, i have a inside first R tech then the pink installations bords then the floorboards for the top then into my shop where its freezing.

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@Mr.C.Growin4B do you know the humidity in your room? The first thing to do is make sure humidity is controlled. No standing water, make sure you aren’t over watering plants, and cycle wet to dry.

There are a few options here if humidity is controlled and it’s just the roofing structure being too cold. Run the duct for your heater exhaust through your roofing so the flower roof stays too warm for condensation.

Vent/exhaust your heater or ac out of the growing space as ac exhaust has a lot of moisture in it.

Increase ventilation/airflow in the top of your grow area. @dmtscravey is right. It won’t let the moist warm air bead up and settle on your roof.

Just floorboards for the top?

So inside my flower room ceiling when I look up I see 1/4 inche silver R Tec foam then thick 3 inche pink foam boards, then the floorboards to the outside.

If you have water coming down…either there is a water pipe above that is leaking or it is “CONDENSATION”. Condensation will rise to the top becasue it is caused by heat and cold reacting (energy exchange). Heat rises. So if we start to take this part piece by piece, we do the PHYSICAL first. So what are your temps? What is your Rh in the room (day / night)?. How much are you watering? What type of watering system do you have? What type of air circulation and air replacement do you use? Are you using CO2?

Was wondering if you got to the bottom of this problem. I had a thought, are you running hydro or auto water system? How often are you watering? If you are watering often, a lot of humidity will be released into the upper quadrant of the area. Cover the tops of your pots with plastic (like panda) and only have the stems coming through (if manual watering, lift a corner to feed). This will keep the humidity from rising in the room