In search of the holy grail

We are the knights who say “weed”, and the grail is our quest.
One lively debate among the knights, is that a cola in your tent, or are you just happy to see me?

Everybody talking about tent size. They’ve branched so far, wandered alit, until ye, they forgot the question, and their roots ache.

And the answer, as all good answers, could be found wherever good stonings are found, in the book of armaments.

What say thee, brother, having consulted the book of armaments? What shall be the number of plantings in a three cubed inch squared tent?

The quest, the perfect nug to sunshine ratio, there sparky.

And the number of the plantings shall be ………… THREE. One is wimpy, two a waste of veg potential, and four gonna be a clown car of midgets, but three, in pots sized three, in a tent three cubed on a side, ya got room to groom and pose and switch positions, You can strip off yer leaves and twirl in the light if you’re so inclined, or pray like a Holy Ghost tent revival, knocking back the holy water.
And since this is high tech, the biggest risk is generally getting too attached to the produce, Jimmy John.
Placest thou seeds in thy holy soil, baptized with the purest maidens sweat, upon the alter of the solid state sun, until thou command them to make cola magic.
Three blueberry autos eight weeks from sprouting today.


Methinks the cola magic on the front sprout is a marvel to be admired and watched with wonder.

It is a stout little thing. She went through some transplant stress and flowered early.The one behind it is my bet for top yield though. Give ‘em time.

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Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed Nomini tuo da gloriam

Uh, my Latin is about 53 years with the book closed, but I appreciate the effort, grin.