In need of good eyes

And some knowledge of auto flower ripening.

Yup, yup. It’s that time again, fellow auto flower fans. The 3/4 blind farmer is trying to evaluate his crop.

This single blueberry auto is celebrating day seventy since sprouting. FFOF with the FF liquid nutes, and a SF1000 LED light, 18/6 all the way.

What I can see are some earlier sunburned leaves, otherwise a bit of a tric. glaze seems to be coating the sugar leaves, but the pistils appear to be still growing, little to no amber anywhere.

What I can’t see is well enough to even set up the cheapo digital microscope to attempt to see trics.

What I’m hoping for is an assessment of this plant, as if you were describing it to a grower over the phone. I don’t want to waste potential yield because I can’t see when to flush or cut off water and light prior to harvest.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


@Northcountryguy well I can’t see the trichs in the pictures but I can see what looks like a plant approaching end of life. Buds look full with long curled white hairs, leaves in cola are cupped, yellowing with dead upturned tips. If these are at day 70 they are pretty close to harvest time.

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Maybe this pic will help? Today is day seventy. I just now gave it a flush with cool, aged tap water. Thinking as the soil dries from this good dousing, I’ll either water one more time, or cut off the light for 24 hours, then give it a chop. So likely a few days to a week I guess.

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It looks like it has white pistils still you don’t have a loop to check with

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My damaged vision varies from sucky to worse. If I get a good day, I can focus the digital loupe enough for a pic. I haven’t had one of those lately. So i take a handful of pics and use my phone or iPad to try to see them.
In the last pic, I think I’m seeing only maybe one percent orange pistils, and there appear to be new sugar leaves and white pistils in the middle?

What’s thrown me with this plant is unlike the last one, it didn’t pop with florid colors, it’s also the first time using the FF liquid nutes. So I’m in the fog, not sure of what I’m seeing, and wondering if the colors are just skipping this one.


If possible get closer picture i might be able to find out for you

It looks too me there still growing some getting keep us posted

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Get a Jeweller’s tool. There cheap and on Amazon. Also they make a clamp on microscope for your smart phone to view it on your screen.

@Cannaman22 @Northcountryguy can’t see good enough to see the close up pictures of when to harvest We need to help him out to harvest We need to try to see them for him. His vision is his disability so we need help him tell when to harvest


I understand now. We would be honoured to assist you in being your eyes by friend.


These pics are today, day 72. I have a suspicion those with better eyes are going to say it’s got a bit left to be had. That said, I’m facing a potential harvest under duress, as my tent may have to be stowed while workmen access the space it’s in. I’m hoping to get a few more days before the old chop and dry. Thanks again for your assistance.

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Your getting close i still see white pistils there still growing almost there my friend


And…? The story can’t end there! No cliffhangers! @Northcountryguy !

Were you able to squeak a few more days, or did the workmen force your hand? Must be dried and curing by now.

They look tasty, that’s for sure!

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Sorry about that. It came down to a 10pm text message notifying me they’d be here the next day.
FmL!!! Says I.
I chopped and hefty bagged the girl, and set about disassembling the tent and stashing everything. I was able to stash the drying product in an unheated attic for the one day they were here, then put things back to “horticulture normal “ the next day. The price of not owning the building and not wanting to advertise the grow space.

I think it’s about an A- in quality. Wicked dank terps and red hairs and sticky for days. It’s curing with 62% packs in dark brown mason jars in a space that’s about 65 deg f.
Next steps include better temp and humidity control with the next crop. Part of that involves preheated intake air for the tent.

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