I'm Learning How Growing Seeds

So I found out I have a Northern lights male. I have a Gold Leaf and five Wedding CakexElmers Glue plants. I’m going to try and make good seeds from them all. Is there any advice that would be suggested for this outdoor seeding venture? I know I have to let them finish out a little late. Just sow the seeds can fully develop. If anybody has any pointers or advice on growing seeds please leave me


Greetings @MickeyNyne. Welcome to the forum :v:

If you want to breed these plants, just let the male and females grow together naturally.

The outdoor breeze will disperse the Male’s pollen across the waiting females, fertilizing them. Sex Ed 101!

Let them grow to full maturity to get fully developed and the most viable seeds from them.

Harvest and dry the buds as you normally would. When you break up the dried flowers, there’s your new seeds!

Enjoy the bud that results too!


If you want to keep more seedless flower and maintain a higher yield I’d suggest transplanting and potting the male away from the garden or putting a tent over the male so it doesn’t pollinate all of your crop. Once you tent it or transplant wait for the pollen sacs to swell and begin to burst. You’ll see some start to crack prematurely but you’ll know it’s ready when you see pollen on the leaves under the mature sacs. Once it’s mature you can harvest the whole plant inside of the tent if tented or if transplanted away from the fems you can tent it/bag it and harvest. Just secure the tent/bag around the base of the stalk and pull it straight out of the ground or cut it. Take it to an area away from your females then you shake the plant upside down in the tent/bag to collect the pollen. Once collected you can store it in a jar with a silica pack in the freezer. To selectively pollinate take some of the pollen you collected and put it in a plastic or paper bag and then put the bag over one of the branches you want pollinated and secure it on the branch with a rubber bad. Leave it on for 24 hours and give the bag and branch a little shake here and there to make sure the pollen does it’s job. After 24 hours take the bag off and that single branch should be pollinated so you should get some nice seeds and still have lots of seedless flower on the plant. This way the plant spends less energy growing seeds and still has plenty of energy to give you big beautiful buds and you still have lots of pollen left over for future breeding adventures. I hope you find this helpful. :v::metal::call_me_hand: