I'm having NPK issues

I believe the spots on the leaves is a calcium or,and magnesium deficiency.
Shouldn’t Blackstrap molasses take care of the problem ? I could use a diy cal-mag recipe.
Bubblegum autos at 5.5 weeks from seed

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How old are they? What strain? What are you feeding them? Are they flowering? A pic would help greatly

Hello…I went and updated the last post with pictures…I use the molasses on every watering.Maybe 1 tablespoon…I also add a pinch of Miracle Grow plant food along with a teaspoon of bloom food 0-50-30,since plants started flowering,every other watering

I spy with my little eye… :grin:
Drooping - maybe you got some overwatering there
Potash / phos issues . . maybe nutes are a little too high. The MG with 50-30 on the PK is POTENT stuff
It appears you are not far into flowering and cut the N a little too soon, the Bright green / yellowish tinge at the tops
I disavow all responsibility if you listen to me, this is just an opinion and I have often opened mouth and changed foot
This is a first glance without knowing things like: Temps, Rh, PPM/Ec, fan speed, type of lights, height, intake/exhaust, substrate foundation (living, cocoa, peat, organic soil, perlite, vermiculite, etc), watering schedule, genus of plant


OK…Thanks…I’m cutting out the flower booster for 10 days…Increasing back to MG plant food to 1/2teaspoon every other feeding…So what do you think ? Might be asking alot from you,but I sure could use your advice…I’m using a 250W LED…75 F during day,65 F at night…Humidity between 45-55…Lights =20–4…Small fan…Water =every 3 days

What are you growing in? I water when my plants need water, not on a schedule but then again, I am not in hydro or cocoa. What strain do you have going?

Pardon the intrusion, are those cast iron pots? I have old eyes.

Also, for both of y’all, how much potash is too much and does it matter where it originates from during creation? I’m asking because I was instructed to be cautious using it since it’s so acidic and while I’m not afraid to try, I just haven’t yet because I’m unsure of application. It’s friendly to canna? I know roses love it, but they are unique.

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Thing that sticks out to me most of all is overwatering. You see how the plant looks like the hair on a wet dog…hanging down and sad. I would correct the watering first, then see where you’re at. That’s just my opinion from the photo without any other info like environment & lighting. :sunglasses:

There Bubblegum autos in soil…I didn’t have problems until I added the 0-50-30 stuff.I used it alot on outside photo plants…As you an another grower have stated that it looks like over watering;I think I’ll take your advice…The reason I have a water schedule is that I read it on different Goggle sites…
Forget them…I’d rather keep council with the Maestros…Thanks guys…


You cannot overwater, you can only water too much. They will ask you for a drink when they are thirsty, you just gotta listen

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Best advice you gave me considering the fungus gnats I incurred last time.

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If the miricle grow is the blue crystals your only supposed to feed that and that alone every two weeks if you have been only putting a pinch every feed it may have built up in the soil like an accumulated overdose of nutes
I made this error now I only use miricle grow for vegetative period and usually fed this just once plain ph water till first true leaf then mg once then two weeks later I start base nutes hope this is a help

Whats the room temp? They look like they may be a little heat stressed

If you are useing miracle grow you can’t use anything else with it i would water only for couple weeks then start feeding again I’ve been useing miracle grow for years to much and it looks like there over watered

Thankyou for all the advice…Let’s see what the next few weeks hold…

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