I'm a first time grower

I have a few questions…

  1. After planting n putting them in my grow tent how far should the light be from plants?

  2. How often do I water them?

  3. What a good humidity to set it on?

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  1. This depends on the intensity and spectrum of the light. More facts are needed to answer this adequately but generally 24 inches or so.

  2. You water when the soil feels dry up to your first knuckle during veg and flower. For seedlings just water in a small circle around the stem to make the tap root shoot down and make sure to keep the soil moist not wet and don’t water the whole pot until about the 2nd or 3rd node begins to develop.

  3. For seedlings 65%-80%, veg 55%-70%, flower 40%-50% but this all really depends on other variables such as strain and genetics as well but this will work as a basic guidline.


Welcome to the forum @michneal2014.
What MDBuds said is excellent advice. More information about your specifics (light, soil, strain) are needed to give more detailed information. Keep us posted on your grow.


Would recommend putting a clear dome over the seedlings for the first week to retain moisture. The key at this stage is very little water. I almost drowned my plants last June. Now I know better :smile:


YouTube is your friend

Hey @MDBuds is the power plant seeds at HCC the same as pure power plant thanks

@Daddy1971 What do you mean by pure? Power plant is a sativa dominant hybrid but if you meant is it the same strain sold in clubs and dispensaries then yes it is. It’s a stabilized feminized version. You’ll still get the normal genetic phenotype variances but the quality, thc, and terpene profile will be fairly uniform.

Thanks i had grow it last grow i was making sure it was the same where i got it from thats what they had could it pure power plant