Ignorance is bliss!

I thought I knew a little something about growing… boy was I wrong!! A friend of mine gave me four seeds, (green crank?). I put them in paper towels as instructed to germinate. They popped in two days. Put them in my air conditioned shop under shop fluorescent lights. They are in clear solo ups with miracle gro potting soil. Three of the four are two- three inches tall. The fourth is struggling at about one inch, but looks like it’ll make it. REMEMBER…I’m the greenest beginner I’ve noticed on this site! I hadn’t figured on them taking off so quickly. My ph meter and led grow light should be here today. I’ve researched and am planning on purchasing some 5 gal. fabric pots for transferring them to later. I’ll post pics on my next post. All seems to be going well…so far🤓. Looking forward to posting with everyone along my journey.


Cover the sides of the cup to protect the roots from light. It will buy you a bit more time in the solos. Just don’t cover the bottom due to drainage holes. Happy Growing!

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And welcome to the forum!

Thanks! I’ll get right on it. Thought it would be good to be able to view the root ball.

A taped piece of paper would work great. You would be able to peel back and inspect at your will.

if you have clear solo’s, dome the babies until they are a 10-14 days old. Babies like high Rh…85% easily
do not worry about the roots, they will turn in as they hit the light
containers…5 gal is good for Photo, 3 for auto…not sure what you got
If you go to 5 gal, be careful to not water 5 gal for a baby / toddler plant…easy to overwater
THey will not need nutes for at least 3wks -1 month…maybe more. Careful as MG is HOT for youngens
If you can, go from solo to 1 or 2 gal and transplant later. This way you water / feed the plant, not the container


welcome, you are in the right place for growing advice…

So I’m at the two week mark. Plant #3 is looking very good. I think it’s time to transplant. Any thoughts?
I’ll be putting it into a 5gal fabric bucket with Natures Living Soil concentrate and organic soil.


Welcome @MsgtMf !

Looking great! Do you know if they are autoflower or photoperiod? That plant is at the point where I’d top it. A week or so after that is when I’d transplant.

Thanks! The only thing I know is it’s “Green Crank - feminized”. Not real sure what that is. And I’ll read up on “topping” as I’m not real sure what that involves. Thanks for the guidance.

Feminized means it’s a female seed. Just keep stress low to prevent herming. It also means that it’s a “flip” plant. To make it flower you will have to flip the light schedule to around 12 on and 12 off. Whereas in veg it can be more along the lines of 18 on and 6 off. Happy growing and welcome!

Well Top Pop, those feminized girls like to have their tops popped. Look for the innermost set of leaves. Pinch on to the end of them and sort of bend it over till it pops off.

The structure of the plant is sort of like a tomato. For each new leaf it grows, it also grows a sucker branch. With the topping and training you can sorta make one plant into like 8. So you can get more for your plant count.

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THANKS! You guys are very much help!

Well here we go! All four have been topped and transplanted. I think all is well, but I’ll be looking to see what the experts say.
Thanks for any input.


Looking pretty good! Just don’t let that run off water sit in those trays I’ve had bad experiences doing that lol.

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Thanks! I’ll be sure to drain them. I have noticed tiny flies on and around my plants. At first I thought they were white flies, but they’re black. Any ideas?

Gnats most likely neem oil Fly strips work well

THANKS!! I’ll get right on it.


Well to practice growing n trimming I chose tomatoes from seeds. 27 Tom plants n 3 kale in a 10x10 garden. All did great. Mainly trimmed the Tom’s for airflow since they were so close together. My 4 unknown plants are just being turned, photo I believe, doing fine.


I use red Solo cups with plenty of holes for drainage. I use my avoid anything Miracle-Grow. Try Pro-Mix red or research it! I am also learning but this has worked for me. Also I use the sticky inserts shaped like butterflies for knats! I also use Neem oil for other pest as well.