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Can anyone upload a diagram on how to set up a drip system to feed the ladies…I am often gone from home and can’t water them so I need an idea on how to set up a drip system and also is it possible or even, is it (healthy/wise) to have a small constant drip and what would be an adequate drip (I.e) 1/2oz of water x gallon size x hour …so if I have 3 gal pots I’d dial in 1-1/2 oz of water an hr…that sounds like a lot, ( I know some might say different stages and different strains require different amounts of feeding…but there’s gotta be a way… any input is appreciated, and happy new year’s

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I have used these during emergencies, the work. Hard part is if the bottle is too big and supporting it
6pcs/12pcs automatic sprayer watering device adjustable water flow dripper with switch control valve diy drip irrigation system for plants indoor household waterers bottle Sale - : HydroSpike Dripper (3-Pack) Worry-free Adjustable Drip Flow Watering Kit - Outdoor & Indoor, Irrigation Stakes for Plants Vacation Garden Pots & Containers, Uses Bottle, No Hose Devices Waterer System : Garden & Outdoor


You should look into autopots, a commercial pre made version of SIP buckets. If your doing drip you need a drain to waste, so you dont flood the plants. Or plan a large enough sump to capture the amount in the reservoir.

The advantage of autopots is its gravity not pumps. Same thing with the SIP method, you fill once a week or as needed.


Thank you, this information and product is perfect. I found this site to have the cheapest prices. if anyone is also interested. I initially had intentions to build something out of stuff I might have laying around in the garage…an 5g igloo drink container and some water hose lol…but this will save me the time and headache, thanks again !! I haven’t bought the system yet, but I will soon :crossed_fingers:t3: Upon reviews, I did read a certain red flag on how some nutes and water additives sometimes end up clogging the drip lines which prevent water from reaching the ladies, so a bit of maintenance or upkeep is advised.

Out of all the automated systems this is the one that seems worth it. The valves are the thing that would be really hard to replicate. There are several videos on youtube about growing in the autopot.

As for the nutes and cleaning. Flora flex is an excellent line of nutes that actually dissolves cleanly and won’t build up un the lines. There are others.

Personally I LOVE SIP garden beds, I have 6 large one outside in which I grow the majority of our veggies. Watering from the bottom has several advantages.

If you get these or something similar. I advise you to add a wick in the middle to help water travel further up the soil/coco, it helps when the plants are young and have shallow roots.

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