I topped them, now what?

I topped a GSC & GRC and not sure if it’s too late to f them to get more colas. Let me know what you think at @Mrb53004. If I M to do something please show me where, lol. I did this about 3 weeks ago, I think. Thanks for all the help.

Here are a few more pictures, it might be too late now, not sure.

Once you top them, you have to let them grow. If you have anchors / garden staples…put them in the dirt and use pipe cleaners to hook the branches and start “spreading your wings”
The idea is to expose as many nodes to the light as possible
I see pistils so NO MORE TOPPING or FIMMING…only LST…time to get them to bend / spread

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@Mrb53004 is it too late to put in larger pots right now, I don’t want to stress them? I figured I waited to long to be able to fim after seeing the pistils.
I was always use to Mother Nature doing her thing, now I have to help her out.
Thanks so much!