I think it’s Time to harvest?

(upload://qB5yDedhXREyJ9xbzIEFaNr0B9n.jpeg) This plant looks great ! Am paranoid that I’m about to harvest to soon

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Pic never uploaded. Pistils should be mostly brown tan. Trichomes should be milky / amber depending on the high you are looking for. Milky = energetic. Amber = couch lock. You need a good loup or scope to see this though. Your pic never uploaded. Wait for it to finish upload before hitting reply.


@Kelley use a jeweler loupe, or magnifying glass and your phone to get a close pic.

How many we have dealing with the cold front moving in it supposed to be 39 tonight

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I can’t see a picture, try and reposting

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When the trichromes are cloudy,the THC is at it’s higest level. Amber trichromes will produce a more body high. Clear trichromes- don’t harvest yet. Half Clear and Half Cloudy will produce a more head high.