I need some help please

Somebody please clue me in on what’s going on here.white widow auto week 8. Purple veins leaves turning yellow. Temp & pH good.16548719384403814646889439326108|666x500

Forgot this. Growing in water. Flora series. Supplements are cal mag and some 0-0-4.

I’d say week eight, reasonably good looking. I wouldn’t sweat the tips that look maybe a bit played out. You’re far enough along

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Thanks for the info. I had some issues with my calcium and nitrogen earlier. Was afraid I over compensated.

Oh there may be something a bit out of range. I’m just looking at overall condition and not really all that much time left to do much to change the course. I’ll predict a reasonable harvest.

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Curious if that’s 1 plant?

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Yes, one plant 🪴 just harvested her.