I need more info from the best growers and friends

Hey if like to say thanks again to everyone for all your help. I got the bulbs recommended and I can already see a difference in overall color appearances and just my girls general health.
Now I know I’m asking alot of questions but I love my cannabis and enjoy growing it more than consuming it. So this being my first grow under lights and autos I know I’m going to make a few hiccups. Ive made my own median as suggested using fox farms trio nutrients cal mag flower fuel everything ive read and researched. But my girls aren’t growing like I think they should. My low Ryder has beautiful buds all over pretty colors and nice ember hairs but no size at all. My lights are about 14 to 16 inches from the top of the plants and all they have done is grow to about 8 inches started budding and stopped stretching soon as they showed signs of budding.
I’m thinking it’s were I started them under a poor light setup but I’m also not sure if my distancing is right. I’m not to good at that part yet. Can anyone tell me why I didn’t get the stretch growth I was wanting and how can I increase my growth of my girls .
Thanks for all of y’alls help and keep it coming everything I’ve been told and done has been an improvement and I’m determined to get the big beautiful buds im able to get in my old outdoor gardens.
Thanks and happy growing and token

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What kind of light do you have? And do you have some pics? I’d bet you need to raise the lights a bit.

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I just started using new 6500 4ft t8 bulbs in a 4×2 tent. Im using 4 flower and 2 veg bulbs in my 6 bulb fixture. Should I go 3 and 3. I’ll take some pics but like indoor growing I’m new to technology also. Thanks I appreciate u taking the time to help I hate to not get the best out of my seed it’s just wrong to the seed the plant and my pride

Once they start budding some strains dont stretch much, others alot. Also are you feeding them anything? What’s your over all height of the plant?

And yes to going 3 and 3. As the flower time increases I’d go 4 and 2 by mid flower.

How many watts is each bulb?

Ok I will thanks. And each bulb is 65watt

Hi @Budminer sorry your ladies aren’t growing much. Sounds like your nutrients are fine and your soil is good so there are 3 other reasons (other than genetics) that your plants might not be stretching like you want. The first is light spectrum. If you don’t have enough red and ir wavelength between 630 and 780 nanometers in your set up the plants will not get very tall. They will just stay bushy. Second is the light intensity. If you don’t have enough light when flowering 2 things can happen. The plant will focus on the flower and will stop stretching to save energy for self preservation, or it will decide it needs to be closer to the light and it will stretch and give you light airy buds. The third is light distance because even if you have the right spectrum and proper intensity if the light is too close to the plant it won’t stretch and might get stunted by light burn. If the light is too far away the plants will stretch a lot and won’t give you a lot of buds. During flower I try to keep an even 700 to 900 ppfd at the canopy for best stretch/flower ratio.

I’ll link my DLI post for you so you can understand a little more about what I’m talking about. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Happy growing. :v::call_me_hand::metal:

Also, lowryder doesn’t get very big at all. They’re damn near dwarf plants.


What @MDBuds said. Your lights are close to 400 watts so you should have enough for that size area. Definitely switch out bulbs to the 3500k and lower. I’ve never grown lowrider but my understanding is it’s a SMALL plant.

I think your plants have probably grown as much as the will.

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Low Rider is a small plant. I’ve grown it once and it was too small for me. Only yielded 3 oz compared to 30 oz for a regular photo period plant in the same size pot. Growing indoors is all about creating enough lumens per square ft to make a plant grow. Minimal range is 2000 lumens per square ft. This means the plant will grow, but it will struggle. Optimal range is 7000 lumens per square ft or higher. I always try to keep at least 10000 to 15000 lumens per square ft for my indoor plants. I also use the sun as much as possible, as it produces billions of lumens. AND IT’S FREE! Use the sun if you can.

For my winter grows, I’ve installed a sun tube/sun tunnel in my shed so I don’t have to run my lights all day. The sun tube provides enough light during the day to grow everything in my shed, which is 12ftx10ft. I only run my lights for a few hours in the morning and at night, and minimally during flower to provide more light spectrum. Think I’m gona install two more sun tubes for year round growing.

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Would love to see some pics or plans. That is my future goal. I already have 2 green houses and dont want another. My indoor grow room is great, but I would like to eventually have the space back. The winters here in MO get bad enough that it needs to be insulated if outside. So my thought was a shed.

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I’m still in the process of getting everything set up inside my shed for my winter grow, but as soon as I get it up and running I’ll take some pics and send them. The shed I use has been here for 40 years on a old concrete foundation. We just insulated it and added windows when we were using it for an office for our business. Now its a grow room.

I have a greenhouse also, but I also insulated it for the winter so I can grow year-round. This will be the first year I’ll try that. The first picture is my old greenhouse setup. The second pic is the greenhouse I built this year, insulated. It tends to stay around 10 to 15 degrees warmer at night than outdoor temps.