I need Help with nutrients

I have Jack Herer auto getting ready to start. So I bought the standard nutrient pack and was wondering feeding schedule? It shows a 14 week schedule and was wondering how much and which weeks. Growing in soil in cloth bags in a greenhouse . the chart on web page is confusing as a new grower.

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Welcome to the community. I am just starting my third grow, so I’m still learning things as I go. What type of medium are you using? A lot of the soils I have seen and a few I have used come with some nutrients already mixed in so you shouldn’t really need to do much for a little bit. I got that same nutrients for my first grow and didn’t use it all. I was unsure exactly what and how much to use as I didn’t find much information. But when I did use the stuff I went with a lower dose of the nutes and gave the plants smaller amounts just a few times a week. They seemed to turn out pretty good I feel. I did a lot of research on and outside of this site and watched all the videos I could. I’m sure there will be others who know more answering you as well. Good luck and happy growing.

@funtimes2021 I’m currently using the organic nutrient pack but even with the standard pack you should start at half strength for autos.

Follow the feeding schedule based on growth. So use the seedling booster from when they grow their first set of leaves above the cotyledons until they have their first full 5 finger fan leaf and go into veg. Once they’re in veg use the grow until they start flowering. At preflower use the grow with the plant booster. Then around week 2 or 3 of flower stop using the grow and switch over to the flower and use the plant booster when needed.

Just my 2 cents here, but I’ve used many different brands of nutrients in the past. Now I only use Jack’s 321 from JR Peters. It’s cheaper, easier and great results. I can get 4 lbs bags from ebay for under $30.

thanks for the help really needed it