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I started 2 plants at the same time and I treat them exactly the same. I have one plant that is over 3 feet tall and very healthy but the second plant is not nearly as tall and is getting yellow tips and random brown spots. Does anyone know why my second plant is so small and why it looks so bad? I’m treating them both the same and keeping them in the same area. Uploading: received_504514260832039.jpeg… I can only upload 1 picture because I’m new to the forum.

welcome…please send some pics…Even though you could have seeds from the same parent, same soil, same environment…we cannot control the genus of the heritage of the plant. Like kids, each offspring cam come out different from the other as they can lean more towards the father, mother, grandparents…
Then there are bacterial possibilities. Only takes the slightest amount to it to mess things up. Same with stress, especially if they are autoflowers. Another is water. If one plant got a little over watered, it could affect nutrient absorption. Pics help the best


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for starters…over watered…tips are bending down like clawed. When there is not enough Oxygen, the plant suffers from nutrient issues. Looks like a phosphorous condition…I would like to know your soil composition…and are you using nutrients or just relying on what is in the soil right now (I think I would need to see the tops of the branches too, not just the bottom leaves of the plant). lets go from there. If you are feeding nutrients, do you aerate the solution before you water? I would go with a plain water flush (just in case there is something in the soil that is affecting the Ph balance) and then let it dry out in between.

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Ill take more pictures after work tonight. As far as the over watering i was giving them both the same amount about every 3 days. Do you think the smaller plant doesn’t have as good of draining on the bucket causing it to hold the water longer? How long should i not water it?

Do a flush in case it is related to nutrients…you can google HOW TO FLUSH
Then let it dry out. Lift your container to see if it is dry…The plant will wilt when it wants water. After watering, the leaves will stand up like praying…
If the soil is compacted (this is why I wanted to know about your soil)…Old soil can compact (if the bags were sitting in the store a long time)…you can transplant the plant if it is not in flower. Even if you transplant it back into the same pot…add some fresh soil or just use a pencil / chopstick and break up the soil…not too much as you do not want to damage too many roots. You can add some perlite, cocoa, peat…to allow for better drainage.
I will still wait on my nutrient question, soil composition, etc

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Never water on a schedule! Every plant has its own needs and needs individual care. I let a plant get dry enough that the larger leaves droop a little once in a while and then water it until it won’t take any more. After that I know how much it will take when it is dry. And I don’t water unless the plant is nearly dry enough to wilt. If you check your plants once a day you can get right.


Does anyone know if these will regain the original colors? The top half of the plant looks great now but the brown is still there and im not sure if i just leave it or maybe cut them off?

I think the discoloration stays. The bad ones, I would say you can trim. Any leaves that continue to advance in discoloration cut too. Don’t take too many trimmings at one time though. You typically wait until a watering to trim but go with your gut. Happy growing!

Thank you Jram. I really appreciate the info.

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