I need an illustration of a plant

I need an illustration of a plant. Preferably in all stages.
I’m reading about Fan leaves, Sugar leaves, etc.

I look at my plants and don’t know what kind of leaves I’m looking at. A series of illustrations would be an excellent guide for us newbies.

Veggy stage

stage 2

stage 3

it pretty much stays like this till flower…just gets bigger. These are all pretty much fan leaves

Then we get to FLower
early flower

2 flower

when we get to about week 4 flower =

the big leaves are FAN leaves, the little ones with the beginning trichomes are sugar leaves

mid flower…more sugar leaves…the longer ones are fans

late flower

late flower 2

then the pistils begin to torun darker…late flower, harvesting to begin soon

and jsut about ready to chop

Hope this helps


Wow man. Thanks a lot. This is very informative. I will be referencing it often.

Thought this might be a good place for these… Came across on Google search all credit to the original poster coke420 from 420magazine in 2013… but could help alot of folks out…



Your rundown on growth was right on time for me!! Can I copy & paste your post??

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I’m the recipient of that work but I’ll sat Yes. It is a lifesaver.

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you do not need my permission…most definitely. Once on HGCC, it is the COMMUNITIES. I am getting together my web page that will have these and other pictures, especially PROBLEMS and INSECT issues so issues can be matched to REAL LIFE, not drawings…I will let you know when it is done


Here are two illustrations I have found helpful. The blow up of the reproductive organs is very good for sexing the plant.