I’m new grower outta Virginia

I ordered big buds from i49 genetics and I had 2 seeds that I got last year n planted those why wait on auto seeds how can I take the sex before it starts develop seed sacks

There’s not really a science to it. Some say the nodes are more even whole the femals.is.mor.stagered but I’ve never done enough research into that so I wouldn’t full trust that.

you cannot…sorry. Until the plant shows its sex (from about 4 weeks plus) yo cannot tell


@jamielynn84 only way to sex before flower is genetic testing. They have some fairly inexpensive ones these days. As a matter of fact I think Nikki and Swami have a company they just started using that’s really good but I don’t recall the name of it. I’ll have to look it up and get back to you.

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Welcome Jamie Miller.
Every time I think I can pre-sex young seedlings I am humbled :sweat: at flower time.

This would not help you with autoflowers you will just have to wait and see. But now days, the first year I run a seedling is to find out its sex and growth traits. I even do this with feminized seeds (no offense silver thiosulfate sprayers) because I still see an occasional male pop from fem seeds. Like 1/50 if I had to give a number. I’ve tried countless numbers of fem seeds from just about every big-time breeder you can buy with a good reputation. I don’t blame them. Just an observation I made. Mother Nature finds a way (to quote Jurassic park).

Mine don’t get the real raised bed run until they’ve been cloned and winter over a year. They have earned the right to grow in my raised bed the next season. It’s pretty rare a first run makes it to the raised bed and not a shitty side pot until it’s proven it’s self. I am RUTHLESS at chucking sister seeds that don’t make the same impression as the winner.


I guess I should also state that I have no problem with feminized seeds. I just noticed they always cost a bit more because they definitely have an extra step and turning the females into pollen donors. I usually just buy the regs unless my only choice is fem (now days) since they are usually a couple bucks more. Or fems are a slightly smaller pack. And since I run my seedlings a year for traits anyway and not just sex. (Plus I crank out my own seeds in the winter: need males).

Don’t let me shoo you away from an occasional (very occasional) male in a feminized pack if you have a limited space and that’s all you work with. I TOTALLY see how I gave everyone that impression. I guess the main point I was making is it feminized seeds are great, just sometimes a boy makes it through. Not good or bad. Just be aware of it. :palms_up_together:

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MDbuds, I will have to look into Swami‘s plant sexy lab. (Still wish he had his old cuvée strain available he collaborated w Subcool on back before legalization and sub died. It was seeing them in swami‘s garden way before Homegrown Seeds existed that made me drool over cuvée).

I haven’t looked into it in a couple of years and the price was quite prohibitive back then. It would be great if we could send a chunk of leaf to somewhere suspended in some alcohol and know if it was a boy or a girl upfront for a little money. The last time I looked it was over $400 to test the sample of leaf material at least in my state of Washington. Also I could only do it if you had a state growing license. (Almost took a job at a cannabis testing lab and it came up in the 3rd interview) All the home growers here were shit fuck out of luck.


@Noddykitty I believe I found the company that they used.

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