I’m happy my babies are growing

My little babies are doing well. I have two that look like the stalk is weak but y’all know I had leggy stalk problems. Now that they are getting new leaves and looking better do I need to clip some leaves from the tops? I hope this is not a stupid question… thanks for my education :hugs::hugs::hugs:


@Lauraroach it isn’t a stupid question. I personally let them grow wild and bushy until I’m getting ready to flower them. Usually after 6-8 weeks of veg I’ll do a topping and pruning and wait a week for it to bounce back then flip it to flower and do one final trim and prune. After flowering I only do light pruning of dead leaves when needed.


@Lauraroach and we are happy your plants are growing as well. NO STUPID QUESTIONS. Ever. If you don’t know, you don’t know till you ask. And I agree with @MDBuds let them get busy for a while. You can always trim later.