I hate how companies like this only offer big seed options

Just because you think you grow bomb genetics doesn’t mean I do. You should offer 3 seed packs and stuff. No bueno, why I haven’t bought seeds from here in a year and a half. Too expensive and the genetics I bought were crap and nobody wanted anything to do with it.


A 3-pack of HG seeds probably would not get a single germination judging by my 8-pack I purchased. I started with 6 (out of 8) because I wanted to hold 2 seeds back, but now that is not possible since after 5 days of perfect conditions (75 degrees F) only one seed has germinated. I had to try the reserved 2 seeds but so far it is not looking good with only 1 (possible) germination out of 8. If HG does not send me another 8-pack, I AM OUT OF HERE!

I think they will send you more, I honestly have a 99.9 percent germ rate no matter the company it seems. In the last year and a half I have had maybe one that didn’t germinate. That is 18 grows with avg of 2.5 seeds.

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The seeds they sent were obviously immature (small, light in color and no tiger stripes).

I pointed out a couple mistakes to their customer service person when asking some questions in the chat…

They disabled my account after that. I had to log in with a diff account to place the order.

I think they intentionally sent garbage seeds to me.

I moved on. I ordered Cali Indica from Sensi Seed.


Californian Orange x (Northern Lights #1 x Hash Plant)

Any experience or heard of anything about this strain?

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Hmm never tried them let me know how it turns out and no never had or heard of that strain. I have used 00 Seeds, Seedsman, Garden of Green, Nirvana, Barney’s Farm, ILGM, and Homegrown CC. I have heard awesome things about Mephisto but I haven’t tried them yet. So far Garden of Green, Nirvana, and Seeds my tops atm for cultivars.


Barneys Farm is top on my list for the next cycle.

I am going to get both of these going:

LSD - Skunk #1 X Afghan indica (mazar) = 25% THC - Barneys Farm

Phantom OG - Phantom Cookies X OG Kush = 26% THC - Barneys Farm

Every tried on of these?

I just found this one… i definitely want to try it!


No, the strains I have grown thus far are:
Crystal Pinkman aka White Widow/Crystal Meth Homegrown CC…had two seeds left from a year and a half ago both germinated. First four grows were pinkman as it was 10 seeds I bought. Wanted to see how it grows now that I know what I am doing so grow 18 is once again Pinkman.

Second strain grow, grow 5 was Bruce Banner 3, don’t remember the cultivar but severely stressed. 3 plants and final harvest was at week 19.

Third was Alaskan Purple, Seedsman. Final harvest week 17.

Then Girl Scout Cookies, Nirvana seeds. Final Harvest week 16.
Then Northern Lights, Seedsman I think. Final Harvest week 17.
Then Seedsman Lemon. Final Harvest week 17.
Then Chocolate Skunk , 00 Seeds. Final Harvest week 14.
Then Grand Daddy Purp x Gumberry, Garden of Green. Final harvest week 14.
Then Zkittlez OG, Barney’s Farm. Final Harvest week 16.
Then GSC, Nirvana seeds. Final harvest week 13.
Now Chocolate skunk, 00 seeds. First harvest week 12. Two more ready, gonna go week 13 then 14. They will be fine. Hand trimming takes alot of time so I harvest one at a time to ensure best quality.
Currently first Photoperiod on week 9 and haven’t flipped yet. Blue Gelato #41 Barney’s Farm.
Next auto is G13, ILGM. Currently on week 6.
Babies are Crystal Pinkman HGCC week 1 and Alaskan Purple Seedsman week 1.

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I am very interested in Northern Lights and the G13 - how did they rank among the others?

Also, if you had to pick your favorite from all of those 17 grows… which one?

Look like it’s to wet I never have a problem with Germination


It can’t be too wet, I drop my seeds directly in water to germinate. Can’t get any more wet than that my friend

:two_hearts: I was thinking it looked really wet too. You can see the water layer on the paper towel. I always press the extra water out. It only has to be damp…

:two_hearts: they can still get waterlogged and rot. Also, what type of water was it? Maybe it was useless water?

:two_hearts: too expensive?!? A $100 pack of 5 seeds from Mephisto genetics is TOO expensive. Also I can’t tell you how many promotional deals I see on here all the time

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GSC was the bomb, low yield high potency…recently the chocolate skunk I found out was crossed with critical mass…and was it. My first plant yielded over 10 oz for an auto big thangs. Northern lights was graded as my best grow thus far, the GDP is bomb, not sure about the G13 yet I will let you know

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I use tap water but my ph comes out at 7.1 to 7.5 so good water to use so I ph accordingly…I have better city water than most.

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Haven’t grown Mephisto yet but on my list of cultivars. I hear it is worth the money.

I too have moved on . Was very disappointed with germination rate. I purchased over 20 seeds from her so far only 5 were a success were as the place I use now 16 for 16 . Something aint right here. Happy hunting.

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Thank you for that valuable information @HansGruber I have always loved NL.