I found a bean in my auto trimmings

My first with Autos. Long story short, 3 weeks into this I was rushed to the hospital for 7 days. I had a friend check in and water and boy was that a mistake…

*If you don’t have a back-up plan for emergencies like I had, make one with someone who knows what they’re doing. lol

I harvested 2 of the 12 plants the other day. Smaller ones that got locked up as seedlings. But, still produced 1oz each, dried. But, after trimming them up and cleaning up, I see what I thought was a dead lady bug. Nope, it was a seed. I looked up and down for more, and nothing. I took out the other 10 plants growing, and all look like fat and happy girls.

I’m growing runts, GG#4 and Deelights. I’m not sure 100% but I think it was a runtz and a deelight auto that I harvested yesterday.

Any one else ever get a seed from an auto? Just 1?

Nope can’t say i have or even heard this before: my question is, will it to be a Auto? Fem due to no male involvement? :yin_yang::ballot_box_with_check::sunny::palm_tree:

What a trip! It looks huge too! LOL

No idea. how long you think i should wait to try to germinate it?

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Hey! I hope you’re doing well!

I have heard some stories of self pollinating auto flowers, I have never run one myself.

There are little pollen sacks that do not need to open called Nanners that look like tiny little bananas when plants undergo an extreme amount of stress, if they are left in flowering too long or if they are weak genetics. Nanners are your plants way of trying to self reproduce and self pollinate itself, normally where there is Nanners there are also seeds.

Keep a close eye out for any Nanners appearing on your buds and crop as soon as you see one or you may end up with a very seedy harvest.

Hopefully this helps!

Peace love and pot!

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It looks ripe now! But give it a month to be on the safe side: pretty sure they are good to go as long as it had time to mature. Not sure anything changes once it drop off