I Cannot Contain the Girls!

Good Evening All, Since last time I posed a question I have got my set up kinda sorted. It’s just my Plans that have gone down the pan, with the wealth of knowledge on this forum I figured there’s no better place. So, just after I harvested my random bag seed run I was gifted a couple of Green Crack seeds from a friend. I popped them on 11/11/20 with a VERY VERY inadequate set up as a result she was very cold through the winter and had PH/Nutrient issues. I’m very surprised she is now going strong in a new “still very cheap” environment.
My issue now is I cannot contain her, due to space constraints the only tent I could get is a 2x4 which she is now just about touching the light. My plan was to move her outdoors and grow a beast throughout the spring/summer. I live in London, the weather is getting quite mild now but I know it is still far from ideal. I basically had this plant in a shed through the winter with temps dropping WAY down to about 10 degrees Celsius throughout the night. I know she would hate me for maybe a month or two but I’m thinking we have enough light by the end of this month to try it without it “Flipping”. What do you Guys and Girls think? Thank you for reading that long ass shit :joy:

Would not let me upload images with the post, She has been Topped,Supercropped,LST/HST, Tied, Snapped, everything but a scrog but really I want to get it out the tent ASAP and run my Autos again

image image

I’m following for knowledge. I hope you don’t mind. Do y’all battle foggy seasons?

Definitely do not mind bro, this is what it’s all about. I started last season and flowered them indoors. I’m pretty sure I’m going to suffer with Humidity outdoors in my region, time will tell, knowledge will prevail!

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It hits about the end of May beginning of April? I lived in the Wiltshire region for a while at one time. I’m trying to remember.

Hello @Henry

The first thing you must know is that going from indoor to outdoor (or backwards) will stress the plants a lot because the environmental conditions are way different. Outdoor you wont be able to control t° or humidity, not to mention you will have to apply something to protect your girls from bugs or even from Cats (everytime i open my tent my cat tries to eat the leafs lol). With that in mind, if you definitely have to go Outdoor with your grow make sure to get the conditions from Outdoor to your indoor before taking them out. Change your light schedule of your tent 1 hour a day untill it is the same schedule on Outdoor to avoid that stress. Also, working on your T° and humidity inside the tent to make it the most similar to the values of the new environment is very important to make sure they get the lower stress as possible. I dont really like the idea of going from indoor to Outdoor but seems like your only way to not cut the roof of your tent lol

Haha, yeah mate my initial plan was too just pre veg a bit but I was WAY too keen lol, My issue with animals is my wife’s Pugs! They love the foliage for some reason. I have built a platform to protect from the dogs, I have four dogs so for the most part the cats stay away. I have been dialling the lights back an hour per week, currently at 15hrs on and we’re getting about 13hrs outside at the moment. I’d say I’ve still got two weeks of growth at the same rate until she is inside the light lol, My issue is the temps. I’m wondering what the minimum amount of light they will require to stay in veg, I have a room with space which I can regulate the environment but have no “proper” lights to keep them going.

Small greenhouse/large coldframe if you can for out side to help control the environment until it improves. She is too big to flower now in the tent.

As for lights outside, you would only need to extend the outside light time by an hour or so until the sun catches up.

As the others said be sure to harden it off before or it will stress it too much.