I accidentally hit the timer a d was in a hour longer should I make it so light is of for 12 and tomorrow less of a day?

Wondering if its better to make sure it gets 12 or just keep the shedual. Would of changed it back tomorrow after it get the 12 then back on shed.

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I would think you would be OK resuming the schedule interval, no need to make up that hour.

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Thank you. I decided to leave it on normal schedule. Figured it waking up late then having a wierd day after is more then just the one day. Was thinking about thev12 hours. Ive read that as long as not a 4 hour difference once it shouldnt do anything. Will be checking.

I think that interrupting the dark cycle is more dangerous.


yep wish i gave it 12 hours like I originally thought. Got bananas. Just got taking them out. I hope I didnt get a lot of seeds. I took out all the small ones. Seems all the new growth is them. So the 4 hour thing Is not true.

Check out the information below.

Dont give advice if ya dont know.