Hydroponic newbie

so I have grown 2 crops. one was 4 plants and the other 2 plants. I have learned a lot from all the advice on here but the yeilds have been lack lustre to say the best… like 1/2 oz per plant. using auto flowers. I am thinking of going to a dwc hydro set up and want to know the ins and outs before i just do it… lol

I know what you mean. I think proper water and feeding is important , BUT genetics is the key. Too much water will stunt growth. Too much nutrients will burn. If all things are perfect…it comes right down to genetics. I’ve had feminized that wound up to be male.
So …who knows. We live in a time of experimentation. I love this. Cross fingers and hope for the best. Talk to your plants. They will listen.

lol . man that is so right on… im using home grown seedds and the nute packets i just need to understand the auto’s

Me too… Home grown. I had allot of seeds that just sat there… I went into period control and thought the government was sabotaging my purchase. I really don’t know what was going on… I did get a replacement. If you spend allot of bucks to get the best, YOU ECPECT THE BEST. Things maybe too popular and the demand overcomes the production. Right now… I’m Happy ! May your grow go to the heights of expectations.

Tons of good info here:


Autos need a great start or else they stunt to varying degrees.
Rooter cubes, avoid transplant shock, etc…

good luck !

I had the same thoughts, but resisted at that stage. When I got lousy yields early, I decided instead to stick with soil, and one strain of autos, blueberry, and do the work to get yields BEFORE I get involved with all the moving parts of hydro.

So in the year since the first, embarrassing trip to the scale, I’ve worked on it.
I stuck with soil, FFOF to be exact. I stuck with the liquid trio, dosed my way (more below), and tap water aged overnight with a loose cap to dissipate chlorine. I simplified my lighting, cranked the dimmer on the SF 1000, and never looked back.

I found the listings of yield either fanciful, or listing wet yield and not saying so. The true limits seem to be light per area. Think about it. It’s like a solar array. Leaf surface in the strong light is your engine. Feed enough to keep the engine happy, etc.

I’m not by any means competing with the hydro growers, but I’m learning to use the tools in the box before buying more. My last grow gave me a runt that produced forty grams dry, and another plant that produced over two ounces dry. I’m convinced I could double that with tech, but I’d be buying complications along the way.

For the moment, I’m running three, 3 gallon fabric pots with FFOF and the trio, and the extra seed maxes out the tent’s capacity to suck light in my tent anyway.

Fwiw, shot glass soaked, then into soil germ.
FFOF soil
Starting at week three, ALL water gets dosed with one plastic pipette (included w trio) of each of the trio into each gallon of water. Let age overnight, then water. I don’t screw with it. About week eight or nine, depending on the plant, I cut the “grow” nute, cut the other in half. I don’t alternate wit( straight water. I feed every watering from week three on. Once I decide to chop, I stop watering, let it go to praying one more time, then chop.
GENTLE LST to stimulate buds, and minimal defoliation.

Truth? I’d like to see you give the above a whirl BEFORE adding moving parts.

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well I tried… all that I got was four seeds that molded in the starter cubes… disassembled the unit and cleared the tent of all components thankfully I had four more seeds to germinate. there is a question I have though… I did buy the humbolt nutriets base “a” ,base “b” , and the golden tree nutes. can I use these for feeding my now going to be soil growing and if so does anyone have info on what dosages of each to use and when?

Coco its cheap and those nutes will run fine in coco. My 2 cents follow the guide supplied with the nutes and ph your water… its not rocket surgery… id start with coco and go from there. Its easy to go either way… hydro or soil from there… hydro because you already will understand the nutes and how the plants should react. And soil … you will have all the basics down and can just focus on perfecting your soil. O and easier to fight bugs with coco becuase the f ers aren’t hatching in your pots. Well I guess they could…but not a issue in my limited experience

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