How to take clones

I am thinking about taking some clones from my blue cookies mother. Is smaller ones better, or larger, going to use rooting gel and root riot cubes. I am new to taking clones so advice is welcome. Thanks

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@Valzilla2000 the size of the cutting doesn’t matter as long as it is prepared right. Immediately after taking the cutting place it in water until you are finished taking cuttings and can prepare them.

When you’re preparing them make sure you wear gloves. Take the cutting out of the water and use clean tools to cut the stem into a 45 degree angle and shave off some of the bast (the bast is the outer fiber of the stem) about an inch around the entire stem. Razor blades and exacto knives work the best imo but I’ve also successfully used sharp clean sheers and even wire strippers.

After you prep the stem cut all the leaves roughly in half and then sterilize the cutting by dipping it into milk for a few minutes or into pure h202 for a split second then immediately rinse it with distilled water.

Now that the cutting is prepared you dip the stem into your desired rooting compound and then put it into your desired medium. You can take clones in soil, in hydro using dwc, rockwool, coco, etc… or using aeroponics.

I find hydro and aeroponics usually gets faster rooting than soil.

After you have your clones cut and in their medium it’s all about humidity and temperature. Keep humidity between 75% and 90% for roughly a week and make sure you mist them frequently. I personally foliar feed with liquid kelp and some nitrogen here and there to keep them healthier until they begin to root. You need the higher humidity and foliar feeding because until they have roots they get their water and nutrient from absorbing it through the stomata in the leaves. Make sure temps stay between 70 and 80f.

Once you see roots you can take the domes off and lower humidity to veg.

Keeping them under 24 hours of low to medium intensity light will help them root faster too.

Once they are firmly rooted you can transplant into their containers. Usually after about 7-10 days. I will leave them under the 24 hours of light after transplant and give them a small veg feeding with some kelp. After a few days if they aren’t in shock from transplant I put them with the others to veg back under higher intensity light on an 18/6 schedule.


Send a link to your youtube video…add this information and anyone can be a pro at cloning!

Thanks for the info very helpful

your clone is really pristine, what method/s did you use to root it

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strikz in media!


Did you aerate the water, Dome it, light schedule, etc?


@Mrb53004 Ooh yeah just put it in plugs with a humidome 17 on 7 off, (really low light). misted it. Kept the root area at 79°f, above 80% humidity misted in its morning for consecutive days then let it slowly get drier., about 10 days or so I think it took… Misting with aloe h20 works well…:sunglasses:

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I also use conex its really good product and you can clone anything you want

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I think the most important part is cutting it and get clippings that are not woodie

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Willow Water!

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At what point do I add my clonex when I see roots ? Or B4 ??