How to move plants, to new house purchased

Help needed, I’m moving this week and have 4 plants that are 4 weeks into flower. They are 28" tall from dirt to top more with the 3 gallon pots .
Not in a good State to move plants in :fearful:.
Any advice?

Wardrobe boxes. You need something about 40" tall.

Do you have far to move? Like same city move or ??? Move them early in the morning or at dusk?

I moved 2 years ago, chucked my 4 plants in the back of my Tahoe. Got a few looks, but we’re legal up here in Canada.

Good luck!


I’ll see if I can get some of those boxes, if I get a look :eyes: I think I have legal issues :confounded:. Moving about 12 miles. Thanks for your help :+1:

It may not be worth it depending where you are. If pot is a big deal you should cut and run. Yea it sucks but if you get caught is it worth paying a Lawyer or the jail time and record. Not what you want to hear I know but reality can suck. If you do move them make sure your vehicle is 100%, lights horn etc. No speeding and stop for all lights.


Success, moved set up and with no damage and finish before lights went off. :ok_hand: I used Contractor Bags they worked great.


U hau truck or trailor inclosed

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U haul i meant to say there cheap enough and good to use to move

Yeah moved with pickup with cap.

I had to do something similar last November. my plant with 6 weeks of flowering, 3 feet in a 10 gallon pot. I waited for the lights to go out, got a big black plastic bag with handles, put the plant inside and covered it with a bed sheet, brought it on the floor of the car, behind the driver with my girlfriend driving.8 miles from one place to another. as I did as soon as the lights went out, there was time to go back, dismantle the tent, take everything to the new location and set up, before the plant realized what was happening.


So your in red Zone I call it its same were I live when your ready to move them just lay them over in bed or your truck won’t hurt them for the trip to there new home.just be careful driving u may loose little soil you can always replace soil u loose .I would definitely do this after dark :blush:

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