How To Make THC E-liquid: Quick & Easy

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Since the average home grower produces cannabis with a 10 to 12% THC level, all the whole herb extracts are going to be too weak and too heavy with plant material to vape well. I have switched all extract methods to dry ice. There is no easier, faster or more efficient way of separating tricomes from plant material and makes the final “oil” much more potent. I use MCT oil, a highly refined coconut oil for best extraction and tasteless. My resulting oils are still black but more than twice as potent as product from flower. TIP: use the orbital polisher method I invented for the agitation. Much more efficient than by hand and less violent than a reciprocal saw that smashes material into a wet paste having broken all the tricomes open. I can supply details if needed. It’s also cheaper than alcohol as you need to use a lot and then evaporate if off anyway! Why have to remove impurities? Just get organic tricomes and nothing more with dry ice!

OK, I lied! I forgot to mention that I do salvage oil from cleaning vaporizer parts. Once softened up in a jewelry cleaner, all the residue trapped inside the basket screen, hose and especially the angle adaptor are brushed with 99% alcohol which is kept for several cleanings before being evaporated completely by pouring it out over a large pyrex dish and letting it air evaporate till all liquid is gone. Then scrapped up with a razor blade and kept in a silicone jar it makes a great bowl charger.

I use an ultrasonic jewelery bath…I have used MCT oil but went back to 200proof grain then evaporate in a distiller bottle and / or add sambuca and make licorice gummies. I do not know about you but our THC levels (contingent upon strain) hit the mid to high 20’s. I suspect some of us are reaching 30’s already.
Orbitol polisher—did you post a youtube? I have seen a few homemade s and I agree, much better than sawzall. MCT…not sure about you but here it is WAY MORE $$ than 200proof grain
I either eat it or drink it, my lungs are not a fan of toking anymore…
DryIce…I freeze by bud, add dry ice to bucket and just do a first scrape with 1 screen. Everything else goes into carbox and alcohol extract. Buds, big buds, go to my wife and her buddies