How To Make THC E-liquid: Quick & Easy

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Since the average home grower produces cannabis with a 10 to 12% THC level, all the whole herb extracts are going to be too weak and too heavy with plant material to vape well. I have switched all extract methods to dry ice. There is no easier, faster or more efficient way of separating tricomes from plant material and makes the final “oil” much more potent. I use MCT oil, a highly refined coconut oil for best extraction and tasteless. My resulting oils are still black but more than twice as potent as product from flower. TIP: use the orbital polisher method I invented for the agitation. Much more efficient than by hand and less violent than a reciprocal saw that smashes material into a wet paste having broken all the tricomes open. I can supply details if needed. It’s also cheaper than alcohol as you need to use a lot and then evaporate if off anyway! Why have to remove impurities? Just get organic tricomes and nothing more with dry ice!

OK, I lied! I forgot to mention that I do salvage oil from cleaning vaporizer parts. Once softened up in a jewelry cleaner, all the residue trapped inside the basket screen, hose and especially the angle adaptor are brushed with 99% alcohol which is kept for several cleanings before being evaporated completely by pouring it out over a large pyrex dish and letting it air evaporate till all liquid is gone. Then scrapped up with a razor blade and kept in a silicone jar it makes a great bowl charger.

I use an ultrasonic jewelery bath…I have used MCT oil but went back to 200proof grain then evaporate in a distiller bottle and / or add sambuca and make licorice gummies. I do not know about you but our THC levels (contingent upon strain) hit the mid to high 20’s. I suspect some of us are reaching 30’s already.
Orbitol polisher—did you post a youtube? I have seen a few homemade s and I agree, much better than sawzall. MCT…not sure about you but here it is WAY MORE $$ than 200proof grain
I either eat it or drink it, my lungs are not a fan of toking anymore…
DryIce…I freeze by bud, add dry ice to bucket and just do a first scrape with 1 screen. Everything else goes into carbox and alcohol extract. Buds, big buds, go to my wife and her buddies

Can’t get high proof alcohol here. How do you use an ultrasonic cleaner? Mine has about a two cup capacity while I’m running two ounces at a time with a 160 bag and dry ice. Each two ounce run yields a cup or more full of kief! I believe I’m reaching the high 20’s in THC with this method from my home grown. Are you mixing the kief and alcohol in the jewelry cleaner? I do this as a part of decarbing. Mix, heat, mix again. I’ve heard that without the added oil the keif is not well absorbed by the body. My resultant oil, even from the most blond of kiefs, is still black and makes the gummies I tried look like excrement and the taste is not far off either. I need a full teaspoon of the mix for a dose so the amount of THC oil used in any recipe I’ve tried in order to get a useful dose always looks and tastes like just eating the oil. I’ve thrown away tens of thousands of milligrams of THC that was just unpalatable. All the recipe’s I see use dosages that are a laugh to me. I need about 250mg THC for a useful dose and that turns all recipes to weed tasting mud! Any help?

Can you get on amazon
I use this…even though there is 190 proof
I place my kief in the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner basin, cover with solvent, run for a while. The longer you run, the greater the chlorophyll extraction is and that is where the lousy taste and texture (to a point) comes from.
I can use the tincture or evaporate for gummies, oil (to add to glycerin for vape), baking…etc

“Great minds think alike”. I also use the jewelry cleaner to clean all the tools and parts of the vaporizer as well as blending the kief/MCT oil/lecithin mix. I blend this way for several hours. Others refrigerate between bouts on the ultrasonic machine. I tried it once for no apparent difference to me. My blend instantly turns from the beautiful blond kief to brown mud with just a teaspoon of oil and lecithin. My first try at edibles with kief were gummies. Looked like turds and tasted like mud. It took about 6-8 grams of gummies for a therapeutic dose. My grows are usually weak on the chemical side. I’m guessing 10 to 12% THC so even with kief it takes a lot. Is there a chemical reaction that reduces chlorophyll? I thought I had read something along that line. I also have high-proof alcohol now, one states 99.9% (199 proof) and the new E-O-X Non-denatured 190 proof. The E.O.X. is very expensive, claiming to be “the purest extractor on the planet”. I use it to clean stuff several times, keeping the used alcohol for future cleaning until it gets dark. Then I pour it out on a large flat glass casserole dish and let it evaporate till gone. This leaves the oil which I scrape up with a blade and save for cooking or making my own “moon rocks”. But, as I’ve said, all my cooked goods taste of the grass, the kief is milder yet still apparent. I bought some Agave Sweetener and will try using it with blended berries as the gummy liquid. I’m determined to find the right recipe to turn my basic home grown into useful edibles that taste OK. I wonder how the pro’s get thier’s from turning brown?