How to grow God Bud Regular - Q&A

Here is the space to talk and ask questions about God Bud Regular, if you want to purchase this product you can buy God Bud Regular marijuana seeds here.

Trying to figure out how God Bud Regular went male or herm. Been flawless until I started to flower.
Started the flower 12 days ago, but 2 days before that I did my last top and trim of water leaves. On the 9 day of flower noticed something never seen before. (Had 8 successful grows.) Lite green seeds popping out and on the 12 day was clearly defined.

Since these are regular does it mean I took a chance that some of the seeds were male? Using a premix soil that has been the best grow medium I’ve used so far called mixasoil. Using Neem cake meal to prevent any pest issues mixed in with the mixasoil. Water is tap water using citric acid for PH-down, and potassium carbonate for PH-up with liquid humic acid to nullify both chlorine & chloramine in water. Only water when needed using a 5 gal airpot.

I do not want to repeat this and would like to know what happened so I don’t waste 7 weeks veg and a week flower. Thanks in advance for any help.

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@SeeTruth yes regular seeds mean they aren’t feminized so they have a 50/50 male/female ratio.

@SeeTruth if you want all female you need to buy feminized seeds only. Reg seeds are for breeding and pheno hunting your own phenos to feminize.

Thanks so much for the simple explanation. So much to learn and its difficult doing it on my own. That is a hard lesson to learn because I will have no idea until the flower cycle if its male or female. Can’t look at a seed and determine the end sex. I plan on juicing the plant with exception of the trunk and branches. Have any recommendations of a greater purpose for the plant? I need a girl so I need to start over using a different strain. Moving on to Grandaddy Purple Feminized. Will buy fem god bud later. Thanks.

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@SeeTruth you can use males for breeding and mulch. You can also choose the best God Bud female you get and feminize it by making two clones of it and spraying one with colloidal silver and then pollinating the other clone. Best cheap way to feminize a pheno you want to keep if you don’t want to deal with reg seeds and sourcing males for fathers and chopping the rest etc…

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